Who We Are

Our mission is to be the most valuable real estate resource that exists, bringing investors, agents, and the real estate community together under an umbrella of success.

Meet your real estate
investor growth team.

We've built the most valuable real estate resource on the market, bringing investors, agents, and the real estate community together to dramatically scale results.

I think you should be more successful.

Too many real estate investors stay on the surface of their growth potential. Instead of achieving more than they thought possible, they get stuck in their business, revenue, and life.

What I do comes from experience. As real estate investor myself, I know what it’s like. That’s why I only create resources that fuel massive growth. You want to reach the top, and I'll show you the fastest path there.


Meet My Team

The vast majority of real estate investors are just scratching the surface of their growth potential. I am on a mission to be a resource that lights that fire of growth. Nothing gets me more excited than seeing investors in our community experience massive growth by leveraging the resources I provide. I am obsessed with the industry, and truly believe that my success is merely a reflection of yours.


Gary Boomershine



Puskar Sharma


Sarah Crow



Wayne Jarrett



Julia Jordan


Darren Wassell

Member Success


Munish Gaur

Member Success


Arun Srinivasan



Willie Hooks

Master Coach


Wilts Alexander

Performance Coach


Randall Taussig

EOS Coach


Shimpy Gaur

Finance and Operations Admin Lead


India Ambassador Success Team

I started just like you: wanting to build
something great through real estate.

Founded by real estate investment veterans and industry experts, RealEstateInvestor.com is the ultimate resource and community for active real estate investors and agents. Learn from top experts in the industry and get strategies and tools necessary to scale your business to new heights.

It all started in 2005. I noticed the opportunity to leverage people, processes, and technology to gain a leg up in a changing and competitive marketplace for my own business.

Soon I realized what I built should be shared with other like-minded investors. My tools, teams, and training quickly became the go-to resources for successful investors around the nation.

While Gary was growing his brand, Robert Syfert knew technology was a tool to build his own real estate investing business. He eventually built a software enabling him to track, nurture, and close more deals, most of it happening automatically. In other words, he created a virtual staff member costing just a few dollars a day.

While Gary and Robert did well on their own, they knew partnering together would give other real estate investors everything they could possibly need to be successful. Now RealEstateInvestor.com is the single solution you need to build a better, more successful investing business.

I help real estate investors build, grow, and scale a profitable business that gives them financial freedom, confident stability, and the ability to enjoy their life.

The doorway to your financial freedom and pathway to success is literally one click away.

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