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I think you should be more successful.

Too many real estate investors stay on the surface of their growth potential. Instead of achieving more than they thought possible, they get stuck in their business, revenue, and life.

What I do comes from experience. As real estate investor myself, I know what it’s like. That’s why I only create resources that fuel massive growth. You want to reach the top, and I'll show you the fastest path there.

I’m passionate about working with people to help them achieve financial freedom in both their business and personal life by using real estate as the vehicle to get them there.


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The vast majority of real estate investors are just scratching the surface of their growth potential. I am on a mission to be a resource that lights that fire of growth. Nothing gets me more excited than seeing investors in our community experience massive growth by leveraging the resources I provide. I am obsessed with the industry, and truly believe that my success is merely a reflection of yours.

Sarah Crow


Darren Wassell

Member Success


Munish Gaur

Member Success


Willie Hooks

Master Coach


Wilts Alexander

Performance Coach


Shimpy Gaur

Finance and Operations Admin Lead


India Ambassador Success Team

I started just like you: wanting to build
something great through real estate.

Founded by real estate investment veterans and industry experts, is the ultimate resource and community for active real estate investors and agents. Learn from top experts in the industry and get strategies and tools necessary to scale your business to new heights.

It all started in 2005. I noticed the opportunity to leverage people, processes, and technology to gain a leg up in a changing and competitive marketplace for my own business.

Soon I realized what I built should be shared with other like-minded investors. My tools, teams, and training quickly became the go-to resources for successful investors around the nation.

While Gary was growing his brand, Robert Syfert knew technology was a tool to build his own real estate investing business. He eventually built a software enabling him to track, nurture, and close more deals, most of it happening automatically. In other words, he created a virtual staff member costing just a few dollars a day.

While Gary and Robert did well on their own, they knew partnering together would give other real estate investors everything they could possibly need to be successful. Now is the single solution you need to build a better, more successful investing business.

I help real estate investors build, grow, and scale a profitable business that gives them financial freedom, confident stability, and the ability to enjoy their life.

The doorway to your financial freedom and pathway to success is literally one click away.

Our goal is to deliver you the best services and support for your needs today and into the future. As the first step in our relationship with you, we want to make sure that we deliver exactly what you need right now – nothing more, nothing less.

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Gary Boomershine


Gary Boomershine founded in 2005 out of the need to scale and grow his own real estate investing and home buying business.

With a family legacy in the real estate niche, and a long successful career in enterprise and emerging technology markets, Gary saw the vision for He noticed the glaring opportunity to leverage people, processes and technology to gain a leg up in a changing and competitive marketplace.

As he worked to develop and use the initial product and service, he saw his real estate business flourish by allowing him to work smarter – not harder and focusing on the one thing that makes money – talking to sellers and making offers.

Gary currently resides in Northern California with his wife and two daughters where he continues to be a visionary for He is actively involved in real estate investing and private lending. In his free time, he enjoys fly fishing, skiing, hiking, mountain biking and traveling with family.


Puskar Sharma

Member Services

Pushkar, who has been with since its inception in 2013, is an integral part of our Member Services and Support Team, where he works with members in an advanced support capacity from getting their accounts set up to helping them utilize our technical services.

With over 15 years of experience in List Management, Analytics, Scoring Algorithms, and Database design, Pushkar brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team. He’s been a key contributor to our direct marketing engine which has mailed over 65 million pieces of direct mail with a continuous track record of 99.7% error free campaigns.

As part of our Member Services team, Pushkar’s primary role is working with members in a support capacity from getting their accounts set up to utilizing’s technical services. With over 15 years of experience in List Management, Analytics, Scoring Algorithms, and Database design, Pushkar bridges the system to our user members.

Pushkar, who has been with since its inception in 2013, has been a key contributor to our direct marketing engine which has mailed over 65 million pieces of direct mail and has powered thousands of real estate entrepreneurs’ direct marketing. And with a continuous track record of 99.7% error free campaigns, it’s no wonder why members rely on us to send their campaigns on time and within budget.

But there’s more to Pushkar than being a technical guru, and we were fortunate enough to have sat down with him one-on-one to learn more about who Pushkar is and what he does.

Sarah Crow


Meet Sarah Crow, an experienced real estate entrepreneur and one of our lead Member Success and Product Education team members here at This University of Central Oklahoma graduate brings a great deal of knowledge and expertise to our team with her extensive background in customer service and account management, training and education, and of course, real estate investing.

Get to know Sarah a little more in this special Team Spotlight feature.

Sarah Crow Understands Real Estate Because She’s A Real Estate Investor Herself.

As a native Oklahoman, Sarah has been in and around real estate in one way or another for most of her life. Having grown up with family members who invested and managed a small portfolio of rental homes, Sarah was taught early in life that real estate is and always will be one of the best investments she could make for her future. So becoming a real estate investor was pretty much a no-brainer decision for Sarah.

Having followed in her parent’s footsteps, Sarah got into real estate investing in her late twenties after buying her first real estate investment property for only $40,000.

While it’s been a few years since Sarah first began building her portfolio of single family rental properties, she still owns that first vintage unit that she fixed up and rented out. Today, Sarah’s rental portfolio includes seven single family properties—two of which are vintage units—and she and her husband have plans to add several more properties in the coming years.

As a real estate investor and an entrepreneur, Sarah’s passionate about being a part of the solution. And she loves helping other real estate entrepreneurs find, embrace, and adopt the many different solutions that are available to them that can help them save time, close bigger and better deals, and grow their business faster and easier than they could do on their own.


Wayne Jarrett


Wayne brings an extensive wealth of financial and business management knowledge to our team and our investors. In addition, Wayne has been an active buy and hold real estate investor in both multi-family and single family sectors for nearly two decades, making him a great support resource for our members.

Meet Wayne Jarrett, the Chief Financial Officer and self-proclaimed spreadsheet enthusiast who’s responsible for managing the financial actions for With over 20 years of experience working in high tech and financial services industries—and an MBA from the University of the Pacific’s Eberhard School of Business.

Wayne is an Integrator who provides a steady balance for our executive team.

As a natural Integrator, Wayne works seamlessly alongside our Visionaries, taking their ideas and developing the business plan and strategy that assists them in bringing those visions to life. Like most Integrators, he’s often found working behind the scenes. He’s a steady force within our organization who makes sure that our initiatives and business strategies are implemented and integrated seamlessly.


Julia Jordan


Julia has nearly two decades of experience in real estate investing and is considered an expert investor and financier. She holds a certification in performance and accountability coaching, and is passionate about providing solutions that help our members find success as they grow and scale their businesses to new heights.

Julia embodies the belief that there are no problems, only solutions.

Born and raised in Texas—where she still lives today— Julia considers herself to be a strong Southern girl to the core. As a kid, Julia always dreamed of being an amazing wife and at-home mother when she grew up. And that’s exactly what she did. For 25 years Julia was the VP of the “Jordan Home Team,” where she took part in some of the most rigorous on the ground solution-focused training that life has to offer.

Julia loved her career as a wife and mother and never expected to have to work outside of the home. But, life threw her family a curveball in 2002 when her husband became one of the 30,000 innocent employees who lost everything after the infamous WorldCom accounting scandal and bankruptcy filing. Along with thousands of people, Julia’s family lost not only the income and benefits their family depended on, but every single penny they had saved for retirement.

Faced with needing to take her career outside of the home, Julia pulled herself up by the bootstraps and got to working on a solution. That solution was real estate, and it’s ultimately what led her to

Darren Wassell

Member Success

Darren oversees our special operations team that’s dedicated specifically to members of our REIgnyte Managed Services Program. With more than 15-years of experience in real estate investing and private lending, Darren brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our leadership team.

An inside look at what Darren’s team does for our members.

Darren and his team onboard new members, host strategic planning sessions, and stay in consistent contact with each of our members through regularly scheduled account review calls. Their goal as a team is to set members up for optimum success. Here are Darren’s thoughts on his team’s role.

Darren has a passion for both real estate and entrepreneurism, and it shows.

Darren’s love for both real estate and entrepreneurism makes him a great culture fit for our company and an enthusiastic advocate for our members. Here’s what Darren has to say about what he loves most about his job.


Munish Gaur

Member Success

Munish is responsible for ensuring that our members successfully implement and utilize our products and services, ensuring complete satisfaction in the solutions we offer here at

A self proclaimed “people person,” Munish has directed teams of more than 100 associates and brings over 15 years of diverse experience across operations, business development, client management, and project management to our team.

To say Munish’s schedule can be hectic is an understatement. Munish and his family live in New Delhi, India, yet he and his wife, Shimpy Gaur who also works for us at, maintain a work schedule in the United States Pacific time zone. With a 12½-hour time difference, they work well into the night when many Americans are just starting their day.

Munish, who has been with since 2018, has over 15 years of diverse experience across operations, business development, client management, and project management. He credits his experiences in banking with Barclays Bank PLC & Projects with Ernst & Young as preparation for his role with

Munish also credits his wife with introducing him to when a position opened that was the perfect fit for him. After several lengthy interviews, including an hour long interview with founder Gary Boomershine, the team agreed with Shimpy, Munish was a perfect fit.


Arun Srinivasan


Besides being a SaaS Digital Marketing Expert, Arun is also a real estate investor. As such, he recognizes the importance of quality lead generation just like our members do and fortunately for us, that’s his specialty. Besides playing cello, guitar, and piano, Arun loves to travel, stating Costa Rica as his favorite destination.

To say’s Marketing Director, Arun Srinivasan is a marketing guru is an understatement. With fifteen years of experience helping corporate clients leverage their digital marketing strategies, Arun has been an important part of our marketing team since 2017.

But a position in marketing was not what young Arun dreamed of when he was a child. Arun, who grew up in Anchorage, Alaska joked about how his parents of course wanted him to go into either medicine or engineering when he grew up. And since his sister became a doctor, he went the engineering route.

Having looked at colleges in the lower forty-eight states, a phrase Alaskans use often, Arun settled in the San Diego area after graduating from Cal Poly. He spent several years working as a computer engineer but recognized it was not his passion.

Arun, who considers himself creative, tells us he fell into marketing at that time. After reading about a man who posted articles online and made money selling ads, Arun started a blog with an interesting topic. With a focus on teaching men how to be better at meeting women, the blog took off. While Arun claims it was never crazy popular, he admits to having at least one post, The Power of Being Social, go viral which led him to publish an eBook on the subject.

Taking his new interest in business seriously, Arun pursued an MBA from the University of California – San Diego Rady School of Management.

With clients contracting him to help with their marketing needs, Arun started a consulting business which he still runs today.


Willie Hooks

Master Coach

This Business Coach Has A “Yoda” Like Style…

Willie C. Hooks is a successful trainer, speaker, author, master coach, consultant and entrepreneur. He has devoted his career to sharing his knowledge to support his clients in unlocking their fullest potential in order to achieve extraordinary goals.

Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to one of our awesome performance coaches here at— Master Coach Willie Hooks.

Willie Hooks has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and clients over the span of his 25 years of dedicated service as a successful and highly sought after mentor, coach, business consultant, curriculum developer, author and speaker. He’s also an expert real estate investor and private lender, and the CEO of JTE Associates, a Performance Coaching and Organizational Development Consulting Company.

Our founder Gary Boomershine hired Willie Hooks to be his CEO business coach 15 years ago. That was the beginning of an impactful coaching relationship and the start of their longtime friendship.

Willie joined our team 8 years ago, where he’s been an essential part of helping to build our highly effective coaching program that’s focused on helping real estate entrepreneurs build a high-growth, profitable, and successful real-estate business.

Our REInvent Coaching Program has helped numerous real estate investors accelerate business growth, fast track financial results, and build passive income.


Wilts Alexander

Performance Coach

Wilts has been helping to build and shape leaders for more than three decades. He helps real estate entrepreneurs own their roles as CEO’s of their business, and bridge the gap between where they’re at today and their ambitions for their future. Wilts has a long list of leaders he’s coached throughout his 30+ year coaching career.


Randall Taussig

EOS Coach

Randy is an entrepreneur and has served on executive teams, managing sales and operations for privately held organizations ranging from $5M – $150M. His passion is helping business leaders reach their BIG business goals. He is also a private pilot who is passionate about flying, with over 1,500 flight hours accumulated both personally and for business.


Shimpy Gaur

Finance and Operations Admin Lead

Shimpy is part of our global team based in New Delhi, India, where she’s held multiple roles over her six year tenure with us. Today she’s our lead admin in our finance and operations department where she assists our members with all of their billing needs.

Shimpy Gaur is part of our global team based in New Delhi, India, where she’s held multiple roles over her six year tenure with us. Today she’s our lead admin in our finance and operations department where she assists our members with all of their billing needs. She brings with her more than fifteen years of diverse experience in operations, customer service, account management, and quality monitoring, making her a valuable part of our team.

Our team and our many members know Shimpy (who also goes by her nickname Sara) as a person who radiates positivity, helpfulness, and is friendly to everyone she gets the opportunity to interact with. One of the things she loves about working on our team is that she gets to work with many different people, including her husband Munish, whom she referred to us two years ago, helping us expand our global family, quite literally.

One of Shimpy’s other favorite things about working at is that it affords her the opportunity to take on new roles and learn things that she might not otherwise get to learn if she didn’t work for a global company. Every day is different here and that’s exactly what she loves about it.

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