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We create solutions to complex problems for real estate entrepreneurs in the areas of lead generation, marketing, systems, technology and resources.

About Us

We are uniquely qualified to solve complex problems for real estate entrepreneurs in the areas of lead generation, marketing, systems, technology and resources.

As an Inc. 500 fastest growing company, we take very seriously our mission "to create a measurable difference in people's lives"

We do this by holding true to our core values and attracting members, staff and partners who exemplify those same values of:

  • Continuously Takes Initiative
  • Consistently Provides Quality Results
  • Exemplifies Honesty & Integrity
  • Delivers on What They Say They Will Do
  • A Team Player
  • A Heart for Giving and Growing

Gary Boomershine founded in 2005 out of the need to scale and grow his own real estate investing and home buying business. With a family legacy in the real estate niche, and a long successful career in enterprise and emerging technology markets, Gary saw the vision for He noticed the glaring opportunity to leverage people, processes and technology to gain a leg up in a changing and competitive marketplace.  As he worked to develop and use the initial product and service, he saw his real estate business flourish by allowing him to work smarter - not harder and focusing on the one thing that makes money - talking to sellers and making offers. That’s when began offering its flagship product, REIvault, to the savvy investor market.

According to Gary, “Most small real estate enterprises limit their growth and many times fail because they lack real marketing and sales expertise along with the infrastructure to scale their business.  Instead of being able to focus on closing deals and maximizing profits, they hit a wall trying to build and do everything themselves; and they simply can’t do it!”

REIvault caters to top producing agents, investors and smaller hedge funds who are looking for a competitive advantage in their local markets. Under the leadership of Gary Boomershine, this service has launched a “technology revolution” within the real estate niche; offering an alternative to the MLS by bringing pre-screened motivated sellers and buyers face to face at the right time.

Gary currently resides in Northern California with his wife and two daughters where he continues to manage a global team for  He is actively involved in real estate investing and private lending. In his free time, he enjoys fly fishing, skiing, hiking, mountain biking and traveling with family.

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