Are Great Salespeople Born Or Made?

A while back someone asked me—”Do you think great salespeople are born or made?”

When I first heard this question, I immediately thought about how a lot of people are born with the natural gift of being able to connect with others and convince them to pretty much do or buy anything.


Then I got to thinking about what makes a person “great” at anything.

And that pretty much led me to the fact that people only become “great” at things by making an intentional effort to learn how to do it and by practicing and implementing what they learn.

(Common sense, I know.)

But, even still…

How did I answer the original question?

I answered with video that I made for my sales course where I explain my answer and drop some critical sales secrets while I’m at it…

In my video I also discuss—

The 5 Distinct Characteristics Of A Great Salesperson

Spoiler Alert:

#5 is something that far too many real estate investors FAIL at!

I’d love to hear what you think about this training video, even if you think I’m totally wrong.

Send me an email and let me know. Hopefully it will spark a productive conversation.

And If there’s ever anything my team or I can do to help you with sales, perhaps it’s even taking over your inside sales for you so you can focus on talking to highly motivated sellers and growing your deals, we’d love to help.

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