What It Really Takes To Get 1 Deal As A Real Estate Investor

Most real estate gurus will tell you that getting deals is easy. But any investor on the ground who has worked months to get a deal will tell you that those gurus are full of it.

Those gurus are definitely downplaying the hard work and dedication it takes to actually turn a single lead into a deal.

What DOES it take to get 1 deal as a real estate investor?

This infographic from our founder and CEO—Gary Boomershine’s sales course reveals the often untold facts in this infographic here:

The #1 Reason Why Real Estate Investors Fail

Notice that the #1 reason for REI failure is because of the Fear of Rejection coupled with Lack of Relentless Followup.

Let’s explore both of these a little more…

How to overcome your Fear of Rejection

For most investors it simply takes knowing the facts.

If you knew that out of every 45 leads, you’d get turned down 44 times—BUT you’d get 1 deal from it—would that ease the blow of those 44 rejections?

Money and success often eases the fear of rejection, and that’s exactly what each deal leads to. Of course to actually hear that rejection, you’d have to be reaching out to those leads relentlessly. Which leads us to the next point…

Are you REALLY Relentlessly Following up?

Most real estate investors fail because they stop following up after the first “no” or their first hangup, while others stop following up after their 2nd or 3rd call to a lead.

The problem with both of these failure points is that most leads begin finally being willing to talk to you between your 5th and 7th touchpoint. This means that for 45 leads you’ll need to make at least 250 relentless followup calls or texts, which equates to about 12 hours or more on the phone.

And keep in mind that this is just the amount of follow-up you’ll need to do if you’re trying to get 1 deal out of 45 leads a month. If your goal is to close 5-7 deals a month, you’ll need to multiply all of the above by the number of deals you’re wanting to close.

Let’s just say you want to close 4 deals a month, you’ll need:

180 Leads
1,000 Follow-Up calls
48 Hours of your time
= 4 Deals

If you just sighed or groaned because you hate talking on the phone, or you don’t have 48 hours a month to spend on just making phone calls alone—we’ve got some positive news for you:
You don’t have to do this alone because…

Phone Sales Ninjas are real!

Instead of spending 48 hours of your precious time glued to the phone, doing what’s probably the least fun part of your business, you can hand this work off to a team of phone sales ninjas who can do all of that grunt work for you. Our Done-For-You sales ninja team can follow up with all of your leads for you every single month so you don’t have to.

If you’ve ever heard the term— “delegate to elevate”—then you know that as long as you try to spend all of your time doing the necessary relentless follow up required to get 1 deal, it could take years for you to finally be able to scale up to where you want to go. And even then you’ll always be capped at how much time you can invest in this process.

When you delegate the sales and marketing to our Done-For-You team, you’ll have more time to go on appointments, build rapport with sellers, and close bigger and better deals so you can grow your business. And eventually you’ll start closing 2 out of 45 leads, and then 3+ deals out of 45 leads, and so on.

Our sales ninja phone team handles all of your inbound calls and outbound follow-up. They also handle the pre-qualification screening, and they deal with all of those tire kickers who drain your energy and your spirit, so you don’t have to.

Which $10 per hour tasks are you holding onto?

As an entrepreneur and business owner, you should be focused on the high dollar tasks, instead of the $10 an hour tasks. After all, you didn’t leave your 40-hour a week job to work for a little over minimum wage, right?

Our Done-For-You team can take over those $10 an hour tasks so you can focus on more important things like growing your business and enjoying the lifestyle you want to live!

If you’re interested in learning more about how our Sales Ninja phone team works, or about any of our many other features of our Done-For-You Services, we’d love to talk. Simply schedule a call with us on our Done-For-You Services page by clicking the button below.

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