How Being Bullied Made Me A Better (And More Successful) Entrepreneur

It’s not every day that you get to take part in a documentary…

But, last year, I flew out to L.A. to be interviewed on the story of

To say that the filming of this story was therapeutic—is an understatement.

When I was told we were going to film this documentary, I knew I’d be telling the story of “WHY” I set out to build a business that would go on to change my life, my family’s life, and my business—as well as hundreds of our member’s lives over the past 17 years.

But, the real plot twist came when I was asked to participate in a pre-filming exercise.

In this exercise I had to share about the catalyst that led me to the point where I chose to leave the status quo behind and build something that no one else had built before.

But, little did I realize that when I pulled at that thread, it took me all the way back to the 3rd grade where a band of bullies lit the spark that ignited a revolution in my life.

The Catalyst That Lit The Spark

When we started down the path of documenting our story, I honestly didn’t expect to be pulling out memories from the 3rd grade for it.

But, it makes sense since life is made up of a million layers of memories and experiences, both good and bad, which shape us into who we are today.

As a young boy, I remember being this happy extroverted kid who loved adventure, sports, playing in the mud, and having fun.

I was a natural high achiever who loved competition and winning.

And I didn’t mind standing out in a crowd or being that kid who got straight A’s and won all of the math challenges.

I didn’t even mind being the so-called “teacher’s pet.”

After all, I loved school. It was fun until it wasn’t…

The tide began to shift in the 2nd grade when my ability to stand out in the crowd started being perceived as a ‘bad’ thing.

My happy-go-lucky nature, my grades, my being the supposed “favorite” who got all the attention from the girls on the playground, basically every positive thing that was going my way…

Suddenly made me a target for the newbie group of bullies who rose from the masses of the second-grade student body—many of whom were once my friends.

At first, it was just name-calling.

Then it started to get physical…

The playground I used to love turned into a trap where I would get pushed around or knocked down the moment no adults were looking.

I sought help and advice from the adults in my life, trying to figure out what to do to make it stop.

But, I was met with the typical response about boys being boys and a warning for me not to get physical.

While I wasn’t outright told that I ought to conform and stop drawing attention to myself…

I was told just to turn and walk away, ignore them, and they’d go away.

But bullies don’t just ‘go away.’

The bullying escalates most of the time until some force steps in and changes things.

I wish I could say that force was me.

Or that I stood up for myself and saved the entire school from all the bullies.

But that wasn’t my story back then…

Instead, I started losing pieces of myself after enduring several years of intense bullying.

I was stressed out, terrified and had many nights where I couldn’t sleep because of my fears.

(Those fears weren’t over-dramatized either.)

When in large groups, the mob mentality took over those bullies, and they were vicious.

I have zero doubt that had they been given a chance to corner me alone under the right circumstances, they would have beaten me with baseball bats!

The majority of that bullying took place over the span of three school years.

And it only seemingly went away once I gave in and pulled the proverbial target off my back…

After a few years of trying to stand under the pressure, I found myself starting to submit to suppression from the mass ridicule, the peer pressure, and the public shaming from the mob.

I learned to be less noticeable, to blend in, and not try so hard in school when I actually attended.

That outgoing, extraverted, happy-go-lucky kid was replaced by a timid, introverted, shy, and pessimistic boy.

A boy who underperformed in every facet of life got terrible grades, skipped school, and caused so much trouble that the neighbors voted me most likely to end up in jail by 17.

The Spark That Ignited The Fire

It wasn’t until my early teens, when my world completely changed again, that I took school more seriously and got my act together behavior-wise.

This catalyst was far worse than bullying…

…Because it involved inevitable heartache.

As a young teen, I still remember the day I returned home from school to learn that my father had been diagnosed with Leukemia.

While this day and the years that followed played a big part of another important layer of my life story…

(A part that I open up about in my new book—The Freedom Code…)

For time’s sake today, we’ll just say that the news changed my life forever.

It was the catalyst that turned me into who I am today as a man of my word, a man of God, and a man of whom my father would have been proud of.

While the tide shifted in my teen years because of my father’s illness—

The ramifications of the three years of intense bullying impacted me so immensely that I still feel it today.

It’s a major motivating factor for who I am and why is such a passion project of mine.

You see, there’s no age limit for bullying.

Bullies simply get more refined and more prominent as they age.

These “Big Bullies” are a little more masked, often disguised as a system of order…

When really, they’re the big wolves who hover around us, threatening to devour any sheep who wander away from the herd.

The “Big Bully’s” goal is to incite fear in us.

They want to force us to live and conform to a herd system where life is average and status quo.

They force us into a slave-like system where there’s mass peer pressure to conform.

This slave-like system compromises our independent thinking and suppresses our individual unique abilities.

I saw this in my Silicon Valley Big Tech career, where we were significantly rewarded for conformity.

Talking, dressing, and acting a certain way, would essentially level us up.

They wanted clones of their ideal successful “worker bees.”

And they even had specifications narrowed down for their ideal employee’s familial status.

They assumed that a married employee with an “X” number of kids would be more successful because they had more to lose.

And the twisted part is…

Those “ideal employees” are the same ones who the “Big Bullies” would eventually overwork to the point that they would lose or at least compromise the very familial status that got them the job in the first place!

The Spark

The Fire That Ignited The Revolution

While I may have been the “ideal employee” at one point, and I even climbed my way up the corporate ladder quite successfully…

My family proved far more valuable to me than any old “job” ever could be.

(Side note: “Job” stands for Just Over Broke.)

I wasn’t content working a “job.”

Nor was I content with working for big corporations, big bullies, or any slave system that thrives by beating people down into submission and compliance.

In fact, THIS is the very reason why I chose to go in the opposite direction.

THIS is why I chose the entrepreneurial path.

While I wish I could have been that boy who chose to be fearless in the face of bullies back in grade school…

Now, I know that my experience being the “little guy” who was bullied lit the spark for one of my greatest passions in life today.

I know what it’s like to be the little guy because that was me.

And I know what it’s like to feel that pressure to conform and be someone you’re not because that was me.

I’ve been haunted and terrorized by the Big Bullies and the Big Bullying systems.

I know what it’s like to live that life of fear.
And I hated it with every ounce of my being!
THAT’S exactly why I’m so passionate about helping people break free from that SLAVE TRAP.

One of my greatest joys is helping people find the freedom that I FINALLY found.

I’m passionate about helping people rise on their own to find their full potential—away from the herd, away from the Big Bullies and the Herd System that enslaves them!

THAT’S exactly why we built!

We’re made up of several little guys who are passionate about helping other little guys make it BIG in real estate.

We’re big, so we can help you:

Break free from the herd.

Break free from your job.

And break free from the system that’s enslaving you.

The Revolution Is Here

With our REIvault Done-For-You Services at, we’re big, so you can lean on us to help you build the business that propels you towards those dreams you’ve dreamed of for years, decades even.

We’re big, so we can help YOU FIGHT to make those dreams a REALITY!

We’re big so that YOU can stay lean and profitable.

We’re big, so we can enable YOU to focus on deals, not details.

We’re big, so we can generate leads for YOU so that YOU can focus on closing them.

We’re big, so we can help you create a path to reach the lifestyle YOU want.

We’re big, so you can finally achieve the FREEDOM you desire!

We’re BIG, so YOU don’t have to be.

Watch Our 8-Minute Abbreviated Documentary.

Now that you know the catalyst behind my story, I want to personally invite you to watch the abbreviated version of our documentary. It’s only 8-minutes—or less if you watch it at 1.5 or 2X speed.

In our documentary, you’ll be able to learn more about our story and hear directly from our members.

AND if what you hear ignites a spark within you, like it did within me…

Then I want to invite you to schedule a call with us to learn more about how we can help you close more deals, so you can get closer to achieving the freedom you deserve.

Our calls are zero pressure. We simply want to learn more about your business and answer any questions you might have about our Done-For-You Services, so we can both see if we’re a mutually beneficial fit for each other.

I also want to invite you to check out my book, The Freedom Code, which hits shelves on May 8, 2022.

I look forward to talking with you soon!

Gary Boomershine

Founder of

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