Team Spotlight – Pushkar Sharma

With over 15 years of experience in List Management, Analytics, Scoring Algorithms, and Database design, Pushkar brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team. He’s been a key contributor to our direct marketing engine which has mailed over 65 million pieces of direct mail with a continuous track record of 99.7% error free campaigns.

As part of our Member Services team, Pushkar’s primary role is working with members in a support capacity from getting their accounts set up to utilizing’s technical services. With over 15 years of experience in List Management, Analytics, Scoring Algorithms, and Database design, Pushkar bridges the system to our user members.

Pushkar, who has been with since its inception in 2013, has been a key contributor to our direct marketing engine which has mailed over 65 million pieces of direct mail and has powered thousands of real estate entrepreneurs’ direct marketing. And with a continuous track record of 99.7% error free campaigns, it’s no wonder why members rely on us to send their campaigns on time and within budget.

But there’s more to Pushkar than being a technical guru, and we were fortunate enough to have sat down with him one-on-one to learn more about who Pushkar is and what he does.

A Typical Day Behind The Scenes With Pushkar

Pushkar Sharma

Pushkar, who lives in New Delhi, India, works the night shift. With a time difference of over nine hours to the eastern coast of the US, Pushkar is ending his shift when most people are just starting their day.

His workday consists of fielding 50-60 tickets, or projects, which could vary from managing mailing lists to configuring marketing campaigns for members.

One of the best parts about working at is the people. My coworkers and the leadership team, they all genuinely care about what they do. – Pushkar Sharma

Pushkar goes on to openly tell us how much he loves his job, noting that everyone has strong technical skills which has taught him many things over his 7 year tenure with us.

Working at has really been fantastic. I work with very proficient people. They know how to handle things, how to resolve issues. And their technical skills are really strong. –  Pushkar shares.

On Life Outside Of Work

Having a busy work week, Pushkar likes to keep his schedule open and not overly planned on his days off. He enjoys playing cricket, a popular sport in India, but since the Covid pandemic hit, games have been canceled and they’re unsure of when they might start back up. This has led Pushkar to pick up a new hobby that seems to be quite popular worldwide, especially during this pandemic— watching more television.

Pushkar, who lives with his wife, two daughters and a pet dog, has enjoyed watching international television, like movies in English, or more recently, a Russian web series. He tells us his family has also enjoyed the Food Channel, although neither he nor his wife have tried any of the new recipes, they certainly love imagining what it would taste like.

Besides sports or television shows, Pushkar considers himself a real history buff. He is fascinated by geography and how countries have changed over the years. He has studied various countries including the United States, Japan, and Germany. He also enjoys documentaries and biographies, seeing video as a tool for learning more about other cultures, traditions, and current events.

On Becoming A SuperHero

It’s not everyday that someone gets to become a SuperHero. Well, that is unless you’re teammates with an author who is writing a Science Fiction series.

Pushkar’s teammate Dave DuBois of was inspired by the real life Pushkar and even added a character with his name in the Sci-Fi Series that he’s writing.

SuperHero Pushkar will debut in the sequel to Escape From Earth 1 that’s currently published on Amazon. In Escape From Earth 2, Pushkar will have the superpower of invisibility, a trait that the real Pushkar connects with since he often plays the silent hero behind the scenes saving our member’s days by making sure everything runs smoothly and without a hitch.

“I was creating a character for my second book that works behind the scenes.  The character doesn’t like to draw attention to himself, but has a good attitude and gets a wide variety of jobs done and is really good at his work. It reminded me of Pushkar, so I named the character after him.  (The fact that the character is also an assassin is where their similarities stop.) I’ve really enjoyed working with Pushkar for the last two years and I appreciate his commitment to our members.” Dave DuBois shares about why he was inspired to write his coworker into his fiction series. 

We couldn’t agree with Dave more!

Where will Pushkar be in 5-10 years?

According to Pushkar his future career sights include continuing to advance in his role with us at That is, unless he decides to take up being a SuperHero full time. He also hopes to get the opportunity to travel again with his family, and maybe even make a few of those delicious dishes he sees on his favorite cooking shows!

A Giant Thank You To The Not So Invisible Pushkar!

Even though Pushkar’s behind-the-scenes role may be invisible to the outside world, it is very much visible and appreciated by all of us in the family. We’re grateful to have such an incredible team member like Pushkar as a tenured part of our global family.

Thank you Pushkar for allowing us to put you in the spotlight today!

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