One Thing Keeping Investors From Closing More Deals

When investors are so focused on the deal and the transaction, they skip a critical step, and create a barrier to closing the deal. They frequently miss the critical part in the process that will turn a seller lead into a transaction.

The conversation and the relationship aspect is the part we simply can’t skip. It’s the part that turns leads into deals and dollars.

How we approach and talk to the seller is the crucial part we must master. Sellers don’t want to be sold to or at, they want to be listened to and understood. They want investors to solve their pain points and genuinely care about them and their lives. That’s why being empathetic is one of the most powerful skills we can have in sales.

How do we find out what sellers really want so we can step in and help them? Why is listening the key to converting leads?

In this episode, I share 3 effective ways to communicate with and listen to the seller, and why that’s one of the most crucial parts of converting leads

If you listen to sellers, they will tell you exactly how to buy their house.

Robert Syfert 

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Three Things We Learned 

  • The more we allow someone to talk about themselves and their situation, the more they get to know, like and trust you. That’s where the sale occurs.
  • Develop and nurture the skill of listening to sellers. The more a seller talks, the more you’ll learn about them, the problem they have and how to step in and solve it by buying their home. 
  • Sellers will talk about the problem they want to solve if we ask them simple questions and leave room for them to open up. Ask simple questions, listen and that will allow them to open up and go deeper.

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