Why You Need to Join a Challenge

Achieving our goals comes down to saying yes to the things that matter, and no to anything that takes us off that path. That’s why we should actively seek structured challenges that focus our effort and attention. They help us implement the consistent action that makes our goals attainable.

Whether we want to improve our health or fine tune the things that matter in our businesses, challenges create accountability, structure and ultimately, momentum.

In our real estate investing business, follow-up most directly impacts our ability to close more deals. Committing to our follow up within a challenge can be just the thing our business needs to multiply our results.

How can we combine the power of challenges with the results we get from follow-up? What are the psychological benefits of challenges?

In this episode, I share why challenges are so necessary for entrepreneurs and The One Follow-Up Away Challenge.

Challenges have the unique ability to help us apply structured focus and energy to one thing.

Robert Syfert 

Watch the Full Episode Here:

Three Things We Learned 

  • We don’t fail at your year-long goals in December. We fail right at the beginning of the year when we don’t commit to the daily actions and activities that make up that goal.
  • The biggest thing we’re going to get from a challenge is the result that’s promised by following the steps, but there are always additional benefits to a challenge. Challenges
        can improve our mindset, our health and our habits. 
  • Consistent follow-up multiplies our ability to close more deals. The One Follow-Up Away Challenge will help you build an automated machine that ensures every lead you
        pump into it is being touched until they are ready to do a deal.
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