Team Spotlight – Arun Srinivasan

To say’s Marketing Director, Arun Srinivasan is a marketing guru is an understatement. With fifteen years of experience helping corporate clients leverage their digital marketing strategies, Arun has been an important part of our marketing team since 2017.

But a position in marketing was not what young Arun dreamed of when he was a child. Arun, who grew up in Anchorage, Alaska joked about how his parents of course wanted him to go into either medicine or engineering when he grew up. And since his sister became a doctor, he went the engineering route. 

Having looked at colleges in the lower forty-eight states, a phrase Alaskans use often, Arun settled in the San Diego area after graduating from Cal Poly. He spent several years working as a computer engineer but recognized it was not his passion. 

Arun, who considers himself creative, tells us he fell into marketing at that time. After reading about a man who posted articles online and made money selling ads, Arun started a blog with an interesting topic. With a focus on teaching men how to be better at meeting women, the blog took off. While Arun claims it was never crazy popular, he admits to having at least one post, The Power of Being Social, go viral which led him to publish an eBook on the subject.

Taking his new interest in business seriously, Arun pursued an MBA from the University of California – San Diego Rady School of Management. With clients contracting him to help with their marketing needs, Arun started a consulting business which he still runs today. Arun’s Experience In Real Estate Investing Arun, who owns several rental properties, tells us he began investing long before joining While he is not interested in creative financing or buying homes to flip, he believes rental properties are a good way to maintain a passive income for his personal needs. Here’s what he shared on the subject.
I’m not an active investor. I’m not into the creative financing options or flipping homes, like many of my other team members do. I bought a couple of places and rented them out for cash flow.
What Arun Loves About Working At Working for a company with passionate visionaries is one of the best things about working at according to Arun. The passion our visionaries have and share with their team is important to Arun, who appreciates that they are not only focused on how each person fits into their role within the company but whether they are happy doing so. We agree with Arun as this personal interest taken by leadership has proven that is people-centric, part of our important company values.
I love the passion we get from our visionaries Gary , and from the top down. Everybody is super interested in not only growing the business but cultivating the team. This doesn’t mean making sure everyone has a title. Instead, the goal is to make sure that each team member has a role and responsibilities that fit into the machine we are building, and that we are happy doing what we do. – Arun Srinivasan, Marketing Director at shares.
An Interesting Marketing Tip From Arun… When asked if Arun had marketing advice for our members, he told us to test ideas. Results are often unpredictable, but most ideas are worth testing. “Whatever ideas you want to roll out, test them. You never know until you see what people react to. Sometimes bad-looking ads perform better than professional looking ones.” Arun shares. So there you have it… Sometimes those funny-looking ads with pictures that look like they were candidly taken with a cell phone actually outperform the professional ones. So if you ever run across one of our ads with a candid pic like Gary wrestling, you’ll have that extra insight on why we chose it.

The creative, personal side of Arun.

Besides playing cello, guitar, and piano, Arun loves to travel, stating Costa Rica as his favorite destination. While the recent pandemic has limited vacation options, Arun enjoyed a long weekend in Yellowstone recently, which was his first visit to Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. 

As a former tennis instructor, Arun also enjoys sports and working out, which he has missed during the recent closures. However, this has given him time to practice his cooking skills. Arun tells us he frequently makes dinner for himself and girlfriend, whose compliments have encouraged him to cook more often. Hmm… Sounds like that may have been part of her marketing strategy!

People, Innovation, Accountability

Our mission at isn’t just a catchy tag line, it’s what guides everything we do here. Investing in growing talent like Arun Srinivasan is just one way that we show our dedication to growing an amazing company culture. We’re grateful to have someone like Arun as an integral part of our team!

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