The Most Efficient and Cost-Effective Source for Warm Leads

Real estate investors have their pick of multiple lead sources, channels and ways to get in contact with homeowners, but when it comes to finding motivated leads, not all are created equal.

If we want a business that will give us freedom, financial abundance and long-term steady results, direct mail should be in our arsenal. The reality is, direct mail will always be king. It’s efficient, has less downsides, and has the potential to cut our marketing work in half.

What are the advantages this method has over the other trendier models? How can we do effective direct mail without a massive budget? In this episode, we discuss the marketing channel that puts us in front of the most motivated leads.

With any type of advertising where the contact is inbound, they are asking you for help, not the other way around.

Robert Syfert 

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Things We Learned 

  • With any form of marketing that is an outbound effort you have to reach out to people and hope they respond. With direct mail, you’re putting out a message so they reach out to you.
  • After direct mail, the next best lead is the one that’s already in our database. Those are the people we need to re-engage and follow up with consistently.
  • Direct mail is one of the best channels in terms of it’s return-on-investment. Even if the leads aren’t ready today, they are the ones most likely to call us back. 
  • The more super-niched you get in your lists, the less budget you have to put behind direct mail.

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