Why You Don’t Need More Leads

If you’re an active real estate investor looking for a way to scale, your first thought is to invest in more lead lists, and turn onto the next marketing channel. If you have a database or CRM, you don’t necessarily need more leads; there’s a ton of business already available to you that you can tap into.

The truth is, many investors drop the ball when it comes to lead follow up, so we might be missing out on the gold that’s already in front of us. Going back and refreshing these leads is a highly productive activity.

Where do we look for these leads and how do we reactivate them? In this episode, I share how to quickly and easily increase your leads without investing in new ones.

Reactivating and re-engaging with older leads in your database is the best list you’ll ever buy.

Robert Syfert 

Watch the Full Episode Here:

Three Things We Learned 

  • If you haven’t automated your outreach, you probably have many leads sitting in your CRM waiting for follow-up. These are the names you need to start re-engaging with.
  • Old leads in our databases are people who have already expressed interest at some point. That means we’re already in conversation with them, so we don’t have to ask them to opt in again. 
  • Our databases are going to have people we didn’t follow up with, people no one has been in contact with or people who weren’t ready to sell before and are ready now. That’s why we have to re-engage with them consistently as their needs change.

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