Scaling Your Business Requires 10X Follow-Up

One of the biggest questions real estate investors ask is what they need to be doing right now to guarantee that they get deals 30, 60 and 90 days from today. The answer is follow-up. 

We reap what we sow, and follow up is all the sowing that reaps us the rewards. We need to be able to scale up our follow-up so that we’re maximizing every channel and communication we send out. What are the key channels that require our focus, and how do they increase our money making opportunities? 

In this episode, we talk about how to scale up our follow-up efforts and how that creates a healthy pipeline of deals. 

You should be doing follow-up way more often, and in way more channels than you are right now.

Robert Syfert 

Watch the Full Episode Here:

3 Things We Learned 

  • Even in a market where the response rates are terrible, follow up is what will increase the success of our lead generation.
  • If you use one channel as your follow-up source, you miss up to 75% of your opportunity to make more money. In this episode, we provide the 4-5 channels you should be putting time into.
  • Call the angry people, they aren’t angry because of you, they are angry because of a financial situation which a real estate investor might be able to help them solve.

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