How to Navigate the Sea of 28.1 Million Real Estate Investing Competitors

According to there are 28.1 million Americans who consider themselves to be real estate investors. That equates to 1 out of every 8 American adults. This statistic can be staggering, perhaps even terrifying for those of us real estate investors who are in this business for the long haul. But what does this statistic really mean? Is the market truly oversaturated? And how can new and existing real estate investors make it to the top with this much competition?

The sea of real estate investing entrepreneurs.

If you’ve ever been to Times Square during a celebration, New Orleans during Mardi Gras, or Black Friday shopping, you’ve likely experienced the intensity of being in a herd of people jam-packed so tightly together that personal space is nonexistent and all you can do is shuffle your feet forward and pray you don’t fall because nobody’s going to stop.

Now imagine what that scene would look like if you tried to stuff 28.1 million Americans who consider themselves to be real estate investors, into a place like that…

If Times Square can only hold 51,000 people, 28.1 million people would be outright ridiculous! We’d look like a massive sea of real estate investors stacked together tighter than sardines in a tiny tin can. Forget trying to shuffle forward inch by inch to get anywhere. After all, with millions of people surrounding you, it would be nearly impossible to see more than 10 feet ahead at any time…

Is anyone else feeling a bit claustrophobic in here? Or is it just me?

Let’s look at how different types of investors would navigate the sea of real estate entrepreneurs.

The investors who are looking for easy money will see that sea filled with 28.1 million competitors and throw in the towel before even trying to attempt stepping foot in it.

Some other investors will start their way into the sea with excitement and fervor. Then after spending a few months trying to push and scoot their way through that crowd, they’ll exhaust themselves. Burned out, they’ll look for the nearest emergency exit that leads them out of the sea and back to their previous careers.

Now, there are also the investors who will simply dip their toes into the sea. They might have a rental property, perhaps they’ll even try to flip a house. But that’s the extent of it. They’re counted in that 28.1 million people statistic making it relatively disproportioned when looking at the career investors. But these are the people who’re simply looking for a little bit of passive income to help with retirement or residual income.

What about the serious real estate investors like us?

The serious real estate investors know the best way to navigate the sea.

Among the sea of people there will be the few investors who want this bad enough that they’re ready to fight for their dream. They’re wise and they understand that alone the sea will be impossible to break through. But together, they can use their strength and momentum to help pull each other forward.

They communicate with others like them by passing messages back and forth through their pipeline, and eventually they pool together their combined resources to form a chain. And one by one, they heave and pull, moving each other forward a few feet at a time. They repeat this same process again and again saving investor after investor.

Day after day they use all of the resources at their disposal and the power of each other’s strength and momentum to pull additional real estate investors out of that sea of 28.1 million and onto the land of success.

Alone they didn’t stand a chance, but together they not only survived, they thrived.

Successful real estate entrepreneurs invest in each other.

What do the most successful leaders in real estate have in common? They understand and utilize one of the most powerful resources available in life—People. Their ability to cultivate strong relationships is what drives their success. It’s what separates them from the sea of 28.1 million.

They understand that relationships are about give and take. Sometimes they’re learning from others. Other times they’re teaching and mentoring. They understand that there’s more than enough real business out there to go around, so they give their ideas and suggestions freely to their community.

At we’re a community. 

Being real estate investors ourselves, we understand the value of working together and investing in relationships. So much so that we measure our success by the quality of life your business affords you, and the quality of relationships we’re able to help you cultivate.

If you’re feeling like you’re alone and stuck or drowning in that sea of 28.1 million, we want to extend our hand out to you. We can help save you… Ask us how.

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