How to Get Out of the DIY Trap

One of the biggest lies we’ve been taught as entrepreneurs is we need to save money by doing everything ourselves. However, the do-it-yourself option is also a trap.

Is there ever a good reason to do everything ourselves? How can we justify making hires early in our journeys as business owners?

To have successful businesses, we have to think like business owners and leverage wherever we can.

In this episode, we discuss how to get out of the do-it-yourself trap.

Operating lean doesn’t mean doing it all yourself: it means hiring the best person to get it done.

Robert Syfert

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3 Things We Learned 

  • As business owners, we need help a lot sooner than we think. By hiring the right people early, we can fast-track our success.
  • Operating lean doesn’t mean doing it ourselves – it means hiring smartly and strategically.
  • Think like a business owner. Leverage other people’s expertise instead of trying to do everything ourselves.

Guest Bio:

Robert Syfert is the Owner and President of USA Portfolio Real Estate. He is also the Owner and President of Portfolio Property Management. Robert is a member of the Real Estate World Wide (REWW) Mentorship Team.

To find out more about Robert, head to: 

Links and Books mentioned on this episode:

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Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

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