People, Innovation, and Accountability

The recent pandemic has given many companies a chance to pause, reflect on their success, strategize their future, and appreciate their staff. Doug,’s integrator, did just that in a recent global team meeting. Read on to learn more about our new and improved vision for the future. 

Earlier this year Gary Boomershine joined forces in a powerhouse merger driven by a unified vision to build the “complete solution” for serious real estate entrepreneurs who want to scale their business faster without sacrificing their time freedom. And during their recent global team meeting where a new Integrator stepped up, the company is further proving that they’re well on their way to do just that.

One Family, One Mission.

When two visionaries, an integrator, and an outstanding group of talented people get together, you ignite an unstoppable team, and a world class organization is born. 

When Doug Lewis stepped into his position at, he saw something much bigger than a products and service supplier for serious real estate investors. He saw People, Innovation, and Accountability,’s core values.

The recent pandemic has given many companies a chance to pause, reflect on their success, strategize their future, and appreciate their staff. Doug,’s integrator, did just that in a recent global team meeting.

Doug Lewis, who has been a firestarter with since its inception, has emerged as integrator of the company’s core missions. In a recent global team meeting, Doug shared his vision of’s future. The conversation was both informative and heartwarming, a true depiction of both Doug and the company’s transparent culture.

“We are on a journey to revolutionize the real estate investor industry.” – Doug Lewis shares when talking about the future of 

According to Doug this journey begins with clarity. And with that, three key focuses were unveiled.

  1. People
  2. Innovation
  3. Accountability

Three simple, yet powerful words that will guide in everything from hiring personnel to recruiting members, and in considerations for future products and services.

People first because people matter.’s most valuable asset is people. is more than a group of talented individuals.

“It takes everyone across the board. And it wouldn’t be possible without everyone and without us living up to our core values, no matter what you do.”  Doug shared.

According to Doug, is a family. And when family is in need—regardless of what kind of need it is— is there.

“You are my brothers and sisters, my friends, my family. If any one of you has pain, we are here. It is our core value that our family is taken care of.” Doug, reinforcing People First, which is one of’s core values.

Doug reinforced the family does not stop at those employed by the company. Family includes everyone touches—customers and their customer’s customers, too.

Dedicated to Innovation. 

With visionaries who are also investors,’s leaders have a keen understanding of what is necessary to be successful in the market today, as well as what lies ahead, tomorrow. After all, it was their vision that set apart in the first place.

What differentiates from others is our world class CRM system combined with our Done-For-You-Service offerings. Our streamlined systems allow investors to focus on what is most important to them—closing deals. Having options for the experienced investor as well as the beginner, has proven to be a leader in the real estate investment industry.

And we look forward to what the future holds.

Knowing what you are accountable for is critical.

Getting the job done often requires working as a team. No one is stuck in a single swim lane, according to Doug, who openly encouraged delegating work upward—to himself or’s visionaries—when needed.

Unlike traditional companies where work only flows downward, works together for the success of the team. At, titles don’t matter— Roles do. This unique approach of putting the right people in the right roles is, in part, the philosophy of EOS—a strategy has adopted which has allowed to put quality and user experience at the utmost of importance.

“We will never sacrifice quality or user experience.” – Doug Lewis talking about the importance of customers.

Understanding their role and knowing they have the support of leadership and team members alike, individuals at can flourish. In turn, reinforcing the powerhouse.

Living the life you want to live.

At the end of the day, we all want a better life, according to Doug, who was thankful for what he has today. makes that a viable option for real estate entrepreneurs and their global team.

And with our family—our leaders, team members, customers, and customer’s customers—we can do just that.

People, Innovation, and Accountability. That’s what is all about.

The doorway to your financial freedom and pathway to success is literally one click away.

Our goal is to deliver you the best services and support for your needs today and into the future. As the first step in our relationship with you, we want to make sure that we deliver exactly what you need right now – nothing more, nothing less.

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