The 80/20 Rule: What We Can Learn From Unsuccessful Investors

The 80/20 rule dictates that 80% of our results in business come from 20% of what we do. Unsuccessful investors find themselves spending too much time on tasks that don’t truly drive growth.

The more dialed in we get, the more effective we become at spending our time on high-value tasks and activities. In a real estate business, there are certain activities that require our focus if we want to be successful. There are ways for us to build leverage into these activities so that they can take up even less of our time.

What is the most valuable activity in our business? How do we use leverage to take care of the 80% we shouldn’t be doing? In this episode, we talk about the importance of the 80/20 rule in our business.

Follow up is the long game, it is the thing that produces the most results but it is also the thing that doesn’t have to take all of your time.

Robert Syfert 

Watch the Full Episode Here:

3 Things We Learned 

  • You shouldn’t be spending time on anything else except for negotiating and closing deals. That’s what gives you the income, and in turn gives you the freedom to leverage.
  • The most essential hire, if we want to dial in our time, is someone that can do prequalifying, data mining and refining.
  • Whatever form our follow up takes, the key is to add value and have a call to action.


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