The 3 Best Places to Look for New Seller Leads

To scale our operation, generate more leads, and grow our income, we have to learn, own and know a local market. But what happens when we’ve tapped out all the leads in our market of choice? 

The answer is to expand in 3 specific ways. 

If we’re doing a good enough job of collecting all the data, we’ll discover more houses that we can effectively target beyond our own local area. 

How do we find opportunities in other locales? Can we successfully scale our business without having to learn a completely new market? In this episode, I share places you may not have considered for seller leads, and how to go after them. 

There’s usually way more opportunities in the market you’ve chosen to do business in than you realize because you’re not expanding far enough.

Robert Syfert

Watch the Full Episode Here:

Three Things We Learned 


  • You don’t have to stay in the same zip code. Before considering another market, expand upon where you already are.
  • Expanding into a new city should only be the option once you’ve exhausted the metro areas, suburbs and rural areas around your market of choice.

  • Don’t go into a completely new market blind. Reverse engineer the market to see what’s selling so you know how to tailor your approach.

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