Why Data Stacking is the Secret Weapon of Successful Investors w/ Jeff Cohn

The most effective and successful marketing campaigns for real estate investors don’t happen by chance – they are the result of the right data, the right medium, the right message, and most importantly going after the right people.

The investors with the right tools are the ones who will win and scale, especially when they are backed by sophisticated marketing systems. Data stacking is one of the most powerful ways to zone into the avatar properties and sellers who will take action on our direct mail marketing.

What products do we need to be taking advantage of to scale? How can we clearly define the properties we need to be going after?

In this episode, we talk to CEO of KWElite and host of The Team Building podcast, Jeff Cohn. We share the tools that can help agents and investors market more effectively.

If you’re trying to speak to everyone, you’re actually speaking to no one and going after all the wrong people.

Robert Syfert

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Three Things We Learned 

  • Why direct mail still works so well
    A lot of businesses are missing out on opportunities by just being digital. Direct mail is still a highly effective marketing channel, especially when it’s done with the right technology, the right software and targeted to the right people. Direct mail is the perfect way to generate seller leads that aren’t already actively listed with somebody.
  • The power of data stacking
    Success in investing starts with the data we’re feeding our lead generation and follow up engine. Data stacking allows us to target people based on multiple pain points or points of value. Predictive analytics and data stacking gives us refined information and details so we’re not wasting our direct mail on the wrong people.
  • How the tools of investors also serve agents
    The same data stacking tools that benefit real estate investors looking for off-market deals also benefit agents looking for homes to list. The same marketing channel used by investors can still bring in people who are more interested in listing traditionally than selling to an investor.

Guest Bio 

Jeff Cohn, a nationally renowned speaker and host of The Team Building Podcast, is CEO of a tech-powered Keller Williams market center in Omaha, NE. As founder of Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group, now kwELITE, he led his team from 70 to 700 transactions in 6 years, and was awarded the #1 team in unit sales in the world at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices in 2019. 

Since beginning his real estate career in 2006, Jeff’s team has closed over 5,000 sales, totaling over $1 billion in volume. For more information visit https://www.kwelite.com and listen to the Team Building Podcast on your platform of choice.

Follow @jeffmcohn on Instagram.

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