How to Approach Sellers with a Heart of Empathy w/Julia Jordan and Alan Weeks

New real estate investors often find it daunting working with potential sellers, but as long as we approach them from a place of empathy, there’s no need to be intimidated. How can we stop ourselves from being discouraged when we are told ‘no’? Why is it so important to show a desire to help sellers, and how can we show that we are genuine in that desire?

In this episode, business performance and accountability coach Julia Jordan and President of NuAvenue Assets, Alan Weeks join for a discussion on how to find sellers by exercising empathy.

Go into every meeting with an empathetic heart. You’re offering a solution to your seller’s problem.Gary Boomershine

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3 Things We Learned From Julia Jordan and Alan Weeks

  • Never assume to know anything about a potential seller on the first call. In fact, the first time we speak to a seller, we should go in expecting to hear ‘no’.
  • Successful real estate investing comes as a result of building successful relationships. Ensure that sellers know our primary aim is to help find a solution to their problems. 
  • At a meeting with sellers, it’s a good idea to go in empty-handed. Leave any books or documents in the car, and use the time to genuinely engage with the sellers.

At the start of this episode, we discussed the importance of having an empathetic heart when dealing with sellers. After discussing how to show sellers that we have every intention of helping them, we also shared strategies for how to stand out from other real estate investors.

We also discussed:

  • The importance of knowing our numbers
  • Why we should be looking for reasonable, rather than motivated, sellers
  • That we need to be relentless in following up

Guest Bio- 

Julia Jordan is an independent business performance and individual accountability coach, and Gary Boomershine’s ‘right-hand gal’. Julia strongly believes that effective communication and a healthy company culture are the key to success, and loves helping people change their lives and achieve anything they put their minds to. 

To find out more about Julia visit:

Alan Weeks is the President of NuAvenue Assets, LLC in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. After a successful career in digital marketing, Alan fell in love with real estate. He is passionate about providing single and multi-family Real Estate opportunities and solutions by using cutting edge marketing strategies. Alan strongly believes in building genuine relationships with his clients, and in every transaction ensures their every need is catered for. 

To find out more about Alan, visit:

You can also email him at

Resources mentioned on this episode:
Three Feet from Gold: Turn Your Obstacles Into Opportunities by Greg S. Reid and Sharon Lechter

Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It by Christopher Voss and Tahl Raz

The Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource by Jeffrey Gitomer

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