How to Attract Private Money Lenders w/Jay Conner

Raising private money is extremely important for a real estate investing business, so we need to develop the right strategies to attract capital. When is the right time to look for lenders, and how should we approach them? Why should we be aiming to teach people about the benefits of being a private lender?

On today’s episode, President of The Private Money Authority, Jay Conner shares how to attract potential lenders and raise private money without asking for it.

If you approach potential lenders the right way, you never have to ask for money.Gary Boomershine

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3 Things We Learned From Jay Conner

  • Don’t wait to raise money. We should be finding private lenders 24/7, not waiting until we need to fund a deal.
  • When we find potential lenders, it’s important that we don’t overwhelm them. Never show the program and deals at the same time – give lenders a chance to digest the  opportunities. 
  • Aim to teach people about the benefits of being a private money lender. People are much more open to doing business when they don’t feel like their arm is being twisted.

At the start of this episode, we discussed why it’s vital that borrowers never ask for money outrightly. Instead, we suggested showing potential lenders the benefits of lending, and teaching them how it’s in their own best interests.

We also discussed:

  • Why we should offer new lenders the opportunity to piggyback off our deals
  • How to get potential lenders more excited in becoming private money sources
  • Why private money is so important

Guest Bio- 

Jay Conner is a real estate investor and the President of The Private Money Authority. He is the man behind the “Where to Get the Money Now” system, a strategy designed to help anyone raise money in under 90 days. 

Jay is confident that by replicating his steps, borrowers can learn to raise money without ever asking for it. Jay is also the host of the Real Estate Investing with Jay Conner, The Private Money Authority podcast. 

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Other resources mentioned on this episode:
Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade by Robert Cialdini

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