How to Stop Being the Bottleneck to Growth in Your Business

When our businesses hit a ceiling, the knee jerk reaction is to attribute it to a lack of capital, resources, people, or the market.

What if the truth is a lot simpler and closer to home? What if you’re the limiting factor? 

As the visionaries and owners of our businesses, there’s a highly profitable zone of tasks we need to work in. The time we spend outside that zone leads to less impact, less profit, and less freedom. 

What are the telltale signs that we’re the bottleneck to our own business? How do we unlock massive growth through leverage? 

In this episode, we dig into one of the biggest reasons investors fail to grow, and what to do about it.

Focusing on the things that are bringing in the revenue. Creating consistency, hiring people and getting out of your own way allows your business to scale.

Robert Syfert

Watch the Full Episode Here:

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • Leveraging the lower dollar value tasks multiplies our potential by leaps and bounds. We increase our own bandwidth for the revenue-generating activities that are vital to our success.
  • Everything comes down to mindset. If we’re harboring mindsets and limiting beliefs that keep us busy in the wrong areas of our businesses, we’ll always be in our own way.
  • It’s hard to have consistency in any system if we’re the only ones working it. Trying to do everything in the business creates a vicious start-and-stop cycle in our lead gen and conversion. How do we build a well-oiled machine that runs on efficiency?

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