Building Your 10X Follow Up Team

It’s a proven fact that the agents and investors who are successful right now in real estate have their follow up system and team in place. That includes a highly functioning group that assists in different roles within the follow up process. 

Having the intention for outreach is just the first step. 

If our goal is to generate more profits, increase revenue and improve efficiency in our operations, we need to invest the time and resources into building and staffing our follow up team. We need a direct and multi-person approach to get in front of people, send them messages that resonate with them and get them to respond. 

In this episode, we discuss what it takes to have a leading follow up process, and we share top-secret bonus tips for making our team’s follow up more effective.

You need a multiple attack approach in order to get in front of people and get them to respond to you.

Robert Syfert

Watch the Full Episode Here:

3 Things We Learned 

  • The gap between what’s required and what investors are actually doing to succeed
    90% of the money is made after the 6th interaction but only 10% of agents and investors follow up more than twice. The teams that are succeeding have built follow up systems that keep the communication going.
  • How to be compelling in our follow up
    When we do reach out to people, we have to say things that resonate with them. We need unique messages that speak to their problem or pain, and that requires good compelling information and excellent communication frameworks.
  • Why we have to hit multiple communication channels
    Even though email is a good channel to use for follow up, it only gets opened 20% of the time. Not only do we have to be emailing people, we have to reach out across multiple communication lines.


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