75 Hard and Setting Short Term Goals

The biggest reason we fail to achieve our goals is a disconnect between our long-term vision and the small actions that will get us there. We’re often so focused on the future that we overlook what we need to do in the present.

If we don’t have a plan that governs what we do daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly, it’s hard to create any meaningful momentum. The short-term is what sets the pace and accumulates the results that will get us to our super long-term goals.

75 hard is a system that can catapult us in the moment and create the path to our long-term future. It allows us to focus on the smaller sprints that will help us run the entire marathon.

What is the first step we need to take if we want to achieve our goals? How do we determine the smaller things we need to do consistently if we want to create long-term momentum? In this episode, I share a method we can use to govern our goal setting and priorities in order to achieve our bigger goals.

Most people fail at their short-term goals because they are so focused on the long-term goal. They forget about the little boring details they have to do every day.

Robert Syfert 

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Three Things We Learned 

  • Your big goal should be something that stretches your ability and makes you a bit uncomfortable. It should go beyond the abilities you have now, and require you to improve      yourself to get there.
  • Don’t set a long term goal that’s really a disguised short term goal. Define your big goal and then set short-term milestones that fit into the bigger vision. This approach                builds the foundational momentum. 
  • Honestly evaluate where you are right now, so that you are clear on what your big vision is and the smaller benchmarks you need to achieve to get there.

Resources Mentioned 

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