Why Your Business Needs a Dedicated ISA

If you’re successfully generating leads but can’t seem to convert them, there’s a very important link missing in your business. What is the purpose of an ISA, and why are they so important to your business? What are the resources you should be leveraging? What metrics do you need to be tracking when it comes to phone calls? On this episode, I talk about a key hire you should have on your team.

Real estate is nothing more than a finance game of leverage and economies of scale. -Gary Boomershine

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3 Things You’ll Learn

  • A dedicated ISA can talk to sellers all day long, ask the right questions, build rapport, find motivation and set appointments.
  • Use the term “property”, not “home”. The person you’re calling might have multiple homes, and the term “home” usually suggests an emotional attachment.
  • An ISA using a manual dialer can make 100-120 calls a day. Using an autodialer, they can call 250-350.

The #1 reason people aren’t converting and making a ton of money is they do not have a dedicated sales function. An ISA allows you to leverage your time, and they can be dedicated to a very important aspect of your business. To empower your ISA, they need the right things to say at the right time, and an autodialer can help them leverage their time at the highest level. 

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