Why You Need to Surround Yourself With Successful People to Be Successful

As an entrepreneur, you have a built-in desire to succeed. However, there are always going to be obstacles and challenges along the way, which is why it’s imperative that you learn how to overcome them and push through to a better path.

Although there are a few critical ways to do this, one of the easiest and most rewarding is to surround yourself with successful people. Today I want to discuss the value and importance of maintaining relationships with those who have already achieved what you want to do (or are on their way) and how it can help you get to the next stage.

How Our Social and Career Circle Influences Us

If we want to understand why hanging out with successful people is going to push us farther, we need to know how that happens. Once you realize the impact that successful people can have on you, then you will automatically want to incorporate them into your social circle as much as possible. Here are a few ways that your inner circle can influence you.

Bring You Up (or Tear You Down)

Do you feel like the people around you are committed to your success? Whenever you achieve a goal, no matter how small, do they celebrate it and inspire you to continue to the next, or do they try and tear it down?

Here’s a great example that relates to real estate. Let’s say that you just bought your first property that you plan to flip and sell for a profit.

One of your friends or colleagues offers suggestions on how to get a fast turnaround, where to find buyers, etc. He or she is trying to help you move to the next stage so that you can be successful with your flip.

Even if the friend doesn’t have connections in the industry, there are other ways to show and offer support. Asking questions about what’s next, celebrating with you when you close a deal, and other little things can make you feel inspired and ready for the next challenge. Even just listening to you complain about the obstacles you’re facing and offering sincere support can make a difference.

On the other side, let’s say that you have a friend that brings you down. He or she says that you paid way more than you should have, or that you’re going to have trouble finding a buyer. If you run into problems with the renovations, that friend will tell you that you made a mistake and you wasted all of your time and money.

As you can see, there is a tremendous difference between these two people, and the one you pay attention to the most is going to have more of an impact on your success. If you spend more time with the positive friend who wants to help, then you’ll be more eager to face challenges and overcome them.

Conversely, the friend who tears you down will cause you to start doubting and second-guessing your decisions, which could lead to failure (and an “I told you so”). Hopefully, you already know to avoid these people as much as possible.


Using our example from above, supportive friends and colleagues can become a valuable resource. Perhaps they know someone who is in the industry – maybe your friend knows a contractor who can help you do renovations while staying under budget.

When you surround yourself with positive and uplifting people, your circle starts to expand. Your friends will connect you with others who can assist you on your path to success, which creates more relationships and a foundation upon which to build your future.

On the other hand, negative people are going to either try and limit your social circle or introduce you to others who will also bring you down. For example, a cynical friend may suggest a contractor who doesn’t do good work, which can delay your renovations or cause you to lose permits in the process. Your friend doesn’t care about your success, so he or she doesn’t connect you with the best people.

Overall, your inner circle can lead to the right connections, or it can stifle your progress. This is why surrounding yourself with the best people can have such a profound impact on your success.


Finally, our inner circle can be a valuable resource when it comes to learning and discovering new things. If you’re the smartest person you know, then how can you learn from your friends and colleagues? If they have nothing new to offer, you won’t be able to grow and improve your skills accordingly.

Think about it like this – if you want to get better at a particular sport, you have to play people who are better than you. If you don’t, your skills will remain stagnant, as you don’t have to push yourself to adapt and overcome the struggles you would face against a stronger opponent.

As you can imagine, surrounding yourself with successful people means that you have access to all kinds of advice that can assist you when the time comes. There is so much information that you don’t know, which means that you have to find the people who do know it so that you can learn from them.

How to Incorporate Successful People into Your Life

So, as a recap of what we’ve covered so far, surrounding yourself with successful people helps in three different ways (at least).

First, you have people who will push you to do better, as well as inspire you to achieve success.

Second, you’ll have access to others who can assist you in your endeavors. Successful people know others, and you can connect to a larger and more supportive network.

Finally, you can get valuable advice and insight, particularly if you find those who are already successful in your industry. If you want to make it in real estate, find other real estate entrepreneurs who have faced the same struggles you have and overcome them. They can be your most valuable resource.

However, knowing why successful people are great to have around is just the first step. How can you make sure that they will be a part of your inner circle? Here are some suggestions.

Go to Them

For the most part, meeting successful people is all about networking. In many cases, you can find others who have already succeeded in your industry by going to various seminars, mixers, or conferences.

Is there a real estate group in your area? Sign up and find out when the next meeting is. Is a successful real estate guru hosting a seminar nearby? Get a ticket and try to meet him or her face-to-face.

Once you start looking for successful people, you’ll discover that they aren’t tough to find. Best of all, most of them will want to share their stories and advice, meaning that it’s not difficult to solicit it.

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Have a Conversation

On the surface, asking a successful person “what advice would you have for someone like me?” isn’t a bad thing per se. However, it’s hard to get the right information with that kind of a question, and it’s even more difficult to establish and build a relationship.

Instead, strike up a dialog with a successful person. Talk to them about the industry – what thoughts they have about it, and where you’re at personally. When discussing real estate, have a conversation about different markets, how to flip houses properly, or how to manage a rental property.

Having these conversations will yield a lot more valuable information, and it can help to develop a rapport. One way to ensure a successful dialog is to be prepared with a particular topic. Instead of asking “how do you succeed in real estate?”, ask a more pointed question like “what’s the best way to get financing for a commercial property?” (or something else specific that you’d like to know).

Another reason to be particular in your approach is that you may only have a limited chance to talk with a successful person. You want your time to be as valuable as possible, so ask the right questions, and you can get better results.

Read (and Listen) to Material

The chances are that the successful people you want to get to know have already created content that can help you. Whether it’s a blog, a webinar, a podcast, or an article in a magazine, there’s probably some way to learn from these people, even without having a one-on-one conversation.

One thing to remember is that you don’t have to have a personal relationship to get the benefits of a successful person’s knowledge. Ideally, you would be able to spend time with these people and bring them into your inner circle, but barring that, there’s no reason not to settle for the next best thing.

Remember That Success is a Mindset

Finally, don’t think that you have to hang out with successful people in your field. Anyone who inspires you to do better, take risks, or push yourself is worthy of being in your social circle. Cut out any of the negative people and focus your attention on anyone who builds you up. Even if they aren’t an expert, successful people can still have a positive impact on your ability to reach your goals.

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