Why You Need to Be Relentless w/Justin Colby

The real estate industry is set to undergo changes as a result of market shifts and new approaches to marketing. How can you stay ahead of the curb? What parts of your marketing strategy should you be adapting? In this episode, Justin Colby shares why you need to be relentless in your approach.

You have to be diverse in your marketing. -Justin Colby

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3 Things We Learned From Justin Colby

The market is changing

While we’re not necessarily headed for a recession or a financial crisis, be aware that the market is changing. Buyers are becoming more finicky, and the market has stopped appreciating. This is normal and healthy, but nevertheless something that will affect your business.

You need to adopt a diverse approach to marketing

It’s no longer enough to have one marketing strategy. Make sure you’re approaching clients from multiple platforms. By having a diverse strategy, you’ll be able to surround your client with your message. Don’t allow yourself to slip out of mind, purely because you don’t have enough visibility.

Sending offers is vital

Even when clients don’t seem happy with an offer, send it to them. By doing this, you have a guarantee of further communication. Send them a DocuSign regardless of their interest, and the client will have to get back to you. Even if they don’t, it gives you a reason to call them back as a follow up.

To stay ahead in real estate, you need to be relentless. Make sure prospective clients know who you are. Build a pipeline of leads, and nurture them. You may not get immediate results, but by constantly reminding leads that you’re ready and willing to provide a service, your business will benefit in the long term.

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