Why Direct Mail Is Still King In Real Estate Investment

Hello REI World! Check out this episode of The “Science Of Flipping” podcast with Justin Colby about direct mail campaigns. Some REI professionals are unaware of the powerful impact that direct mail can have on both your lead generation and your total sales revenue. Whether you are growing your own REI business or just looking to earn more as an REI professional, this video is chock-full of useful tips and tricks for making direct mail work for you. Here are some of the highlights of the interview.

Why “The Science of Flipping” Podcast?

Justin knows the REI game well.  He created this podcast to help others develop their skills and get the right tools to be successful in REI. As you will notice throughout the interview, he knows how to ask the right questions and focus on the most important details of my REI experience, his REI experience and how they are going to benefit you most. Justin also excels at giving practical examples of how to apply everything that you learn.

What Do We Talk About?

We cover several noteworthy topics in our conversation. If you are serious about REI and boosting your business with direct mail, you should watch the following highlighted sections:

– Everything We Discuss Can Be Applied Immediately

There is no run-up and no learning curve to direct mail campaigns. You don’t need to wait six months to make my methods and techniques happen: You can start right now.

– I Learned Through The School of Hard Knocks, But You Don’t Have To

Justin talks about brute-forcing his way to success in REI, and I have a similar story.

We both had to struggle and work harder rather than smarter when we started out. In the remainder of the podcast, we discuss how using direct mail can help you achieve real change and real earnings without the need for an uphill climb. Success does not require you to reinvent the wheel.

– The Greatest Challenges You Face In REI

Learning the techniques for closing the deal does not take particularly long. Lead generation and finding motivated sellers to close will take up some time, as will developing the right marketing and lead generation techniques. These demands will require you to spend less time selling, which means lower earnings and fewer closed deals. You do have the option to hire people to market for you and run all the direct mail systems and design collateral, but that could be a significant undertaking.

– How I Resolved the Problem

I refer to the issues, extra work and headaches of marketing for your REI business as “brain damage”. I started REIvault as a way to get rid of the brain damage and create a knowledge base for how to align and run your direct mail marketing effectively and efficiently without making more work for yourself unnecessarily. Our experts are all knowledgeable and experienced in virtually every aspect of REI, and we bring decades of experience to help solve the problems and difficulties of REI marketing.  REIvault is how you get results without exhausting yourself.

– How New Investors can get Started

Justin and I talk at length about how we select the best houses in a given market, how we find homes with equity and how we generate leads from owners who are highly- motivated to sell. Pay close attention to this part because it is what sets REIvault apart from the rest and where we can bring our power to bear on direct mail marketing. I break down how our tech team crunches the numbers and generates our prime lead list. I go into particular detail about why our method is so effective.

REIvault: Taking Your REI To The Next Level

Are you working in REI and looking to improve both lead generation and sales? Visit the REIvault website to see if you or your business qualifies for membership. Let us help you streamline your REI marketing and lead generation so you can reach your goals and build the business or career you have been working so hard to achieve.