What’s The Quickest Way To Scale Real Estate Business?

Most successful real estate investors start achieving success through hard work and really taking a “I’m going to involve myself in every aspect of the business” approach to growth.  And quite honestly that works…to an extent.

It might get you to six figures.  But that approach won’t get you into the upper echelon of investors.  To get there, you need to leverage scale. And that’s exactly what we chat about in this video featured on Trending Today.

At RealEstateInvestor.com, we provide a platform for the top producing real estate agents and investors around the country really to connect buyers and sellers to a lot of the properties that are not fixed up and perfect and have all the granite countertops. A lot of these sellers are looking for an alternative.

Most real estate investors or agents are really good at talking to sellers and closing deals and possibly fixing up the properties or listing the properties. But they’re not necessarily professional marketers and salespeople, or technologists. What we do is provide the team, people,  and processes to truly scale.

For the real estate community, it’s really the equivalent of a team of 40 people for the cost of one resource along with a developed, proprietary software.

It all starts with marketing, which is a both an art and a science. And so there’s an analytics of really identifying 120 million properties in the United States, what are the ones that are the highest likely that the owners are going to want to sell that would be a good fit for our members.

And so it starts with that we build a plan and then we execute the marketing plan for each member.  We have a platform where all the leads come into and then we’re able to automatically push those leads over to a phone call.

We not only help our members scale their business, but also really help them with their vision of where they want to head and what their life and their business should look like, what their organization is going to look like. And then we coach them and help them manage that on a on a monthly basis.

Most small real estate enterprises limit their growth and many times fail because they lack real marketing and sales expertise along with the infrastructure to scale their business. And instead of being able to focus on closing deals and maximizing profits, they literally hit a wall trying to build and do everything themselves and they simply can’t do it. And that’s how REIvault helps.

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