The Nuts And Bolts Of Building A Successful Real Estate Investment Company

I want to share with you a great video full of information that any serious real estate investor needs to be aware of.

I talked to Ross Hamilton, founder of Connected Investors. If you are not familiar with this company yet, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Self-described as “The Real Estate Investor’s Social Network,” Connected Investors boasts over 800,00 members who are all dedicated to the prospect of real estate investing. At Connected Investors, you can find investors who are practically begging for you to take their money. Whether you are a new investor or have years of experience, a forum like this can be a great way to make new connections and get the ball rolling on your next investments.

In the Video . . .

This half-hour video gives a lot of great information about Hamilton and his rise to real estate prominence. Here are a few highlights to check out:

2:00 – Where Hamilton started and what makes him tick. A former BMXer, Hamilton found himself unable to continue in the sport he loved after he was injured. Like many other people, he did not have a back-up plan. Through luck and good fortune he found real estate, and has never looked back!

5:00 – Hamilton provides information about how inefficient data collection indirectly led to the founding of Connected Investors. He recounts all the work that needs to be done for a successful real estate deal, including pounding the pavement to sending out flyers to making cold calls. He recounts that  while these tasks help in data collection, there needed to be a better way. It was that realization, among others, that helped him to form his own company to make the process easier.

8:30 – We talk about the important lessons we’ve learned over the years. Even if you have heard them before, there is always something new to learn here. The lessons include:

– The importance of unity at home.

– Having a good balance between life and work.

– Having a “one word” focus for the year. This year, my word is “patience.”

– The 80/20 rule, which states that you need to work on doing 80% of the work with only 20% of the effort. In other words, do not spend a lot of time, resources and energy on something that ultimately has a minimal outcome or impact. Instead, use your resources wisely.

16:00 – About halfway through the video, the rubber really meets the road as Hamilton begins talking about his company, Connected Investors, and how it can help you. Set up with a style similar to the “Lending-Tree” model, CI exists to help make connections between people in all stages of the real estate game, from people looking to borrow money to people looking to lend it. With just a few short clicks, you can be put in touch with people who are interested in your project and are willing to help you out. At CI, private, non-bank lenders compete for your business.

20:00 – A business like CI attracts questions, and Hamilton takes time to answer some questions people might have about a business like this, including “How much money do you need to put down before you’re approved?” and “How long is the turn-around time between applying and receiving investment funds?” This part of the video can go a long way toward answering the questions you may have before deciding whether or not CI is a company worth investigating further.

27:30 – After discussing Connected Investors at length, Hamilton takes the time to talk about what comes next, including the use of lists to help narrow down your property searches to find exactly what you are looking for and having a mobile application so you can connect to investors and do business on the go from anywhere. Lists like the one offered at CI have the potential to make it a matter of child’s play to get your eyes on the perfect property that ticks all the boxes you have in mind.

In Conclusion

This video, as well as others on the REIvault site, is one of the many tools at your disposal to help take your real estate investments to the next level. If you are tired of working for your business, and would prefer to have your business work for you, then you owe it to yourself to see what REIvault has to offer you. Find out if you qualify today by going to REIvault today.