Lessons From a Seasoned Pro: Wealth Building vs. a J.O.B. w/Steve Carlson

As we get closer to a market shift, all the top investors are rolling up their sleeves and getting ready to capture the opportunities that will come. What are the key activities we need to build into our businesses to grow during the correction? How do we create long-lasting wealth? Why is competing on price alone not good enough in this market?

On this episode, we’re joined by longtime friend and successful investor, Steve Carlson. We discuss lessons we’ve learned along the way, and how Steve is creating a Wealth Machine.

Total focus, commitment and implementation are the 3 keys to making real estate investing work. -Steve Carlson

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3 Things We Learned From Steve Carlson

  • Every market shift is preceded by a euphoric stage. This is when money is easy to get but deals get harder to come by. Sellers start having unrealistic expectations and then venture money starts pouring into the market. It’s what we’re witnessing now.

  • Owning rental properties free and clear is the path to permanent wealth. Debt eats into cash flow and makes it impossible for us to get off the hamster wheel.

  • In this market, we can’t compete on price, but we can beat the competition by bringing multiple offers to the client. It’s about collaborating with the seller to create an offer that’s valuable and worthwhile to them.

At the start of the show, we discussed signs that the market will turn soon, and the importance of commitment in this industry. Next, we talked about the difference between get-rich-quick investing and get-rich-permanently opportunities. We talked about the power of leveraging other people in order to get to where we want. 

We also discussed;

  • How leveraged property destroys cash flow 
  • What Steve considers his zone of genius and his favorite marketing channels 
  • The power of implementing multiple offer strategies

Real estate investing gives us the chance to build permanent, generational wealth. Yet in order to do so, we need to have a vision that goes beyond making money for now. We need to focus on the strategies we’re implementing, dial them in to make them work, improve them, and scale them so we can achieve that long-term vision. Without commitment, it’s impossible to capture the opportunities that come when the market turns.

Guest Bio- 

Steve Carlson is an active investor with a great team of high achievers whose goal is to buy 4-6 houses every month. Steve has been buying houses to flip, rent and sell with owner financing terms since 1998. He’s closed over 400 properties from $2000 houses to million dollar apartments. Visit https://www.sarealestatedeals.com/ for more information.

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