PODCAST: How Gary Boomershine Helps Investors Get More Deals using “SHARED SERVICES”

Watch Investor and REIvault Founder Gary Boomershine Live On The Team Building Podcast:

Here’s a sample of what you’ll discover on this interview

  • 1:20 – How Gary’s unique service saves real estate investors hours of necessary grunt-work everyday
  • 3:15 – How Gary got his start in Real Estate Investment
  • 3:58 – Why REIvault is able to create massive amounts of leverage for low cost
  • 6:57 – How REIvault leverages mass direct mail to bring inbound warm seller leads to members
  • 8:15 The critical process REIvault uses to run targeted marketing to the zip codes each member specifies
  • 9:05 – The different types of market in the US that are profit-ripe for real estate investors
  • 11:35 – The absolute BEST day of the week to send direct mail and ensure it gets read based on millions of pieces of direct mail sent by Gary and his team.
  • 11:59 – The key to REIvault’s “Invisible list” – the hottest list we have for finding motivated sellers
  • 12:41 – Our “Ship Wreck” mailing list and what to look for on this list to make massive profits
  • 13:40 – How REIvault qualifies it’s members and makes sure they’re a perfect mutual fit to work together as a team.
  • 14:51 – The biggest problem with hiring traditional Virtual Assistants in your business but why they’re necessary.
  • 15:18 – How REIvault pioneered “Shared Systems” and how they’re proving to be the key to exponential productivity.
  • 16:56 – The “secret sauce” for keeping massively low costs
  • 19:47 – Why call “hangups” are actually your best investment opportunities
  • 22:20 – How to see if you qualify to join REIvault as a client-member.
  • 24:59 – How the real estate market has changed and how to find success even without “deal flow”
  • 26:12 – Case Study: How an REIvault member went from $120K per year to over $600K per year

Resources Mentioned In The Interview