Marketing for Real Estate Investors: Why You Need It, and Why It’s Worth It

Let’s discuss an often overlooked aspect of real estate investing: your marketing strategy and campaigns. Like any business, the more present you are in the market as an entity the more people will find you when they are looking for real estate capital. To do this, you need to market your business.

The Critical Importance of Marketing

The chief method of establishing your business this way is to engage in marketing to promote your business and the products and services you provide. Per a recent study by the National Association of Realtors, 51 percent of buyers found the property they purchased on the internet. Clearly, the market is looking online to fulfill their property purchasing needs, and you need to start marketing online to reach your target audience where they are.

Moreover, you need to invest in digital marketing to grow your business effectively, but what type of digital marketing to use and how to leverage that marketing most effectively isn’t always clear. Here are some strategies for establishing a growth-oriented marketing plan to give your business what it needs to thrive.

Social Media is Your Friend

In the past, property investors would have to spend a significant amount to promote properties and fill vacancies. In 2019, the best way to market is by digital images and video posted and shared via social media accounts, mainly on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Running an organized and targeted marketing campaign via social media is critical to growing your client base, and it offers a superior ROI versus traditional marketing channels. More importantly, it requires little additional time investment, too. After your social media is sorted out, you can continue with your day-to-day operational activities.

Make Client Contact Personal

Regardless of the scale of your real estate investment business, you can easily learn the names and information of every potential seller via public records. Index these potential sellers using your ideal customer profile (mock-up of customers with the characteristics who can best benefit from your products and services), and start tailoring your marketing materials accordingly. You will find that your marketing efforts are far more effective in generating leads and sales than generalized marketing via digital or traditional means. Better still, it requires a minimal time investment.

Test Marketing Extensively

Every market is different, and so is every potential marketing audience. There is no one marketing technique online or via traditional channels that is 100 percent effective in every case, and anyone that says otherwise is lying. The only constant in the universe is change, and that means that what works today, this week or this year is not guaranteed to be useful all the time or forever.

Keep trying new techniques and methods, and keep checking your results via Google Analytics and Facebook’s marketing toolkit. The more diverse your marketing, the higher the likelihood that you will continue to find success in your efforts. Investing all you can in testing and implementing new marketing campaigns is some of the best money you can spend out of your budget. It may require more time than some marketing approaches, but the additional time investment pays for itself.

Use Professionals for Your Photography

The first thing everyone will notice in your materials online or via traditional marketing channels is your images. That first impression is critical to your marketing effectiveness, and you need to ensure every photo and graphic used in your materials has the desired effect. Hiring a professional photographer and a graphic designer can go a long way toward setting the right tone in all your digital marketing efforts, and give your brand the professional look and feel it needs to drive growth. Outsourcing your imaging work also frees up more of your time as well.

Take Ownership of Your Digital Footprint

No matter how you choose to market digitally, it is critical to take full ownership over every aspect that portrays or affects your brand online. Whether it’s social media, search engine optimization, forums, local listings, and any other piece of online marketing where your brand can be found and promoted, you need to make every effort to be the content leader. The more you take ownership of your digital footprint, the greater your potential for growth.

Focus Your Efforts on Mobile Design

According to marketing research, 75 percent of consumers use mobile devices to access content online. That includes social media, using search engines, and researching potential purchases or sales. Your marketing needs to reach your target audience where they are, and if that means their mobile device, that’s where you go.

You need to design and build content specifically for mobile browsers to make everything easy to access and attractive when viewed on mobile devices. The more convenient mobile access to your information and marketing, the more effective it will be with the vast population of potential clients who get content online via a mobile device.

Are you looking to invest more in marketing to grow your real estate investment business? Concerned about the time and cost involved? Set up a consultation and let us handle your marketing needs. We’ll take care of what you need for growth so you can continue running your business.