Key EOS Traction Nuggets & How The System Works to Improve Businesses w/Randy Taussig

Many business owners feel like they business are running them into the ground, and very often it’s because of the way they’ve built the company. What are some of the symptoms of a business that has issues that can be solved by EOS Traction? Why is the coaching component so important? Why is vulnerability so important?

On this episode, I talk to my EOS Traction coach, Randy Taussig, who shares key insights on EOS Traction that he’s gained from years of coaching.

EOS is about getting clear about a vision, getting alignment around the vision and being real about the execution that needs to happen. -Randy Taussig

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Things We Learned From Randy Taussig

The EOS system: vision, people, data, issues, process and traction.

You need both discipline and execution around a vision or goal in order to achieve it.

Implementing traction with a coach helps you get to your goals faster. 

Delegation feels like a luxury, but it’s actually an obligation of management, because not delegating holds up the business.

A strong business is made up of key components, and each piece has to be as strong as possible. Traction is all about getting massive clarity about where the business is heading, turning it into measurables, having a plan and executing it on a weekly basis. What’s important about having a vision is that the whole organization has to be aligned and there has to be discipline and action behind it. The right system can elevate the organization, and it can give the leader real freedom and fulfillment.

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