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WANTED: Director of Platform Technology

  • We are looking for a very specific individual, possibly a consultant, who is amazing at understanding consumer needs and has the technical expertise to define, solve and deliver leading edge products and features to support those needs. We have built an extraordinary company over the past 10 years that is profitable, and growing at 50% a year, with a solid team, product / service, customer base and culture. We are looking to round out our executive team with a like minded thinker who brings technical strategy, creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit to our organization.

    The Director of Platform Technology will be taking over the role from our founder and CEO and will be smarter, better, faster; bringing our product & technology to an entirely new level. You’re a wicked smart business application architect from trade and passion. You have years of experience with CRMs like SalesForce, Podio, Sugar, or possibly enterprise software applications. You are able to quickly take business processes and customer needs and rapidly turn those into working and performing business solutions using applications and possibly integration. You have the unique ability to build and manage people. You likely have a background in engineering or computer science and can write PhP or even Javascript when needed. This role is highly creative and has lots of room for growth. You’ll be freeing up our Founder and CEO who has been the primary architect and developer of our product. You’ll have the unique opportunity to be in a fast moving highly dynamic company along with the ability to innovate and own new capabilities that don’t already exist in the marketplace. You’ll need to be hands on with the ability to grow and expand with the company.

    Our Director of Platform Technology exemplifies our six core values perfectly like the missing puzzle piece that completes us and makes us whole. You love our spirit and enthusiasm for building something real and different, while providing freedom and lifestyle at the heart of our business. You are growth minded and are keen to get the whole executive team excited about your ideas. You’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves from time to time and do the dirty work if it means amazing results for our company because that’s what entrepreneurs do.

    Our clients are also entrepreneurs who are growing and looking for help. They love us because we are the same as they are - we practice what we preach and are congruent in our message and our delivery. We are all highly accountable at our core and we are always looking outward in when it comes to improving and building something great. We are extremely efficient with our time and resources and manage our nickels wisely.

    If you feel like you could be our Director of Platform Technology, then we would love to hear from you.


  • We are a virtual sales and marketing agency that uniquely helps real estate investors massively scale their business by allowing them to leverage “shared services” that handle all lead generation, marketing, phone screening, follow ups, and appointment setting so that the investor can focus on closing deals with motivated sellers.

    Our executive team is passionate about delivering real results to our members and growing our business to new heights. We’re looking for a few key team members who can bring their unique talents to our team and are equally passionate about creating something special here at

    As an Inc. 500 fastest growing company, we take very seriously our mission "to create a measurable difference in people's lives"


  • This individual is a wonderful team player, who loves the freedom to innovate, create and execute, and has a fundamental belief in “we” -vs- “me” and exemplifies entrepreneurial spirit and teamwork, aligning with the organization heartbeat. This individual loves what he/she does and the unique capabilities of this team and management, and is always looking for the next thing (verticals, products, services, people). This individual may have an interest is real estate investing, lending and long term wealth building using real estate as a vehicle.


  • Own and support Products, Internal Systems, Infrastructure, Security, Member Portal and Member Training Assets.
  • Build an understanding of the needs & market shifts of REI (and other possible verticals) and staying abreast of the competitive landscape supporting REI (and other possible verticals) to identify new products, features and enhancements.
  • Scope, Design and Solution new products, features and enhancements. 
  • ​Close interaction with our clients and our client advisory board to know exactly what they like, don’t like and want.
  • Own and deliver a clear a Product roadmap and calendar that provides confidence and clarity; aligning the organization to the plan.
  • Develop and roll out new products, features and enhancements including relevant updates to our member site and/or user training.  Work with our support and success team who will ultimately turn-up and support our clients.


  • Business Application Design & Development – preferably expertise in one or more of the following applications: Podio CRM, SalesForce, SugarCRM, GlobiFlow, Oracle Apps, etc. Must be able to quickly learn new applications and have the unique ability to capture business requirements and turn those into working business solutions. Ability to lead, manage and deliver product/system development projects.
  • Product Management – Understanding of Product Management and Able to research the market to find other applications and integrate them, formulate new products, Features and Enhancement ideas and build/maintain a relevant product roadmap.
  • Leadership - ability to influence and rally the troops and forge into the unknown with campaigns, market shifts, staffing needs, etc
  • Technical Skills – should not be afraid to roll up sleeves to build solutions when necessary. Familiarity with SalesForce, PHP, Java, JavaSript is helpful but not required.
  • Customer Driven - providing more value to both future customers and current ones; educating, delighting and inspiring the customer at every turn.
  • Communication - ability to communicate with all functions/teams within the company and customer base and amplifying the promotions, products, communities, internal core values, and culture.
  • Creative Thinker - ability to have new creative ideas and drive and constantly adapt to the ever-developing world of technology.
  • Team Player - able to collaborate with others effectively. This is especially important in the case of working with Marketing and other leadership to develop effective tech-based solutions to support company strategies and campaigns
  • Real Estate Knowledge (Ideal) is dedicated to
the following CORE VALUES:

  • Continuously Takes Initiative
  • Consistently Provides Quality Results
  • Exemplifies Honesty & Integrity
  • Delivers on What They Say They Will Do
  • A Team Player
  • A Heart for Giving and Growing

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