How to Invest in Probate Real Estate w/Sharon Vornholt

It’s inevitable that we’ll see a market turn in the next few months, so investors should consider moving into a space that is isolated from the general market – probate real estate. How can we find probate real estate opportunities, and what do we need to know to get started in the space? Is there anything we need to avoid doing when contacting the family members of deceased property owners?

On this episode, podcaster, coach and real estate investor, Sharon Vornholt shares how to get started in probates. 

As we get closer to a market turn, consider working in a niche where you’ll never run out of leads and the market has no impact: probates. Sharon Vornholt

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3 Things We Learned From Sharon Vornholt

  • Look for probates in the local newspaper. This may seem old-fashioned – but it’s for precisely that reason most other investors stay clear. This makes the probate space relatively competition-free.
  • To get started in probates, find four pieces of information, the name and address of the deceased, and the name and address of the executor.
  • Don’t send a condolence card. While it may seem like the obvious conversation starter when we know a person has died, we may appear opportunistic if we send our condolences in an advertisement.

On this episode, we explained what probate real estate is. We also spoke about why probate offers so many opportunities for investors no matter the state of the market, and discussed what makes the space relatively competition-free.

We also discussed:

  • The best time to reach out to the family of a deceased homeowner
  • What to include in direct mail to grieving family members
  • What makes women excel in the probate niche

Guest Bio- 

Sharon Vornholt is a wholesaler, coach and blogger at Louisville Gal’s Real Estate Blog. She is also the host of the Let’s Talk Real Estate Investing Podcast. Sharon is also the creator of the Probate Investing Simplified course.

With over 20 years in the business and a phenomenal track record, Sharon is something of an expert in probate real estate.

To find out more about Sharon, head to

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