Replay Episode: How to Build Massive Leverage with Jeff Cohn

A lot of factors go into scaling a business effectively and putting the pieces in place that make expansion and results inevitable. Having a team is important, but it can’t be just any team. 

It has to be a team that understands leverage and executes on it in various areas of the business. In real estate investing, we talk about leveraging other people’s money, we also need to learn to leverage people’s time and expertise. 

What are the key areas we should be focusing on to make sure we multiply the results we get from our business operations? How can we become more strategic at marketing, and even extend this to our sellers? In this episode, we revisit a great conversation we had on Jeff Cohn’s Team Building Podcast. We talk about the benefits of leverage and how to execute it at a high level.

If you could manage marketing, execute it, and guarantee the lowest price, you could do everything for the cost of one resource.

Gary Boomershine

Watch the Full Episode Here:

3 Things We Learned 

  • Why leverage is the key to scale
    If we want to build a business that can grow and go the distance, we can’t do it alone. It’s crucial that we use other people’s skills to improve our time management. It multiplies our effectiveness exponentially.
  • How to make our offers more attractive to sellers
    Give sellers the option of selling their home at the ‘investors price’. While it’s lower than what they’d get for a traditional listing, share the benefits of selling at the investors price.
  • How to optimize marketing costs and operations
    Create an integrated, shared marketing team. Streamlining the process allows you to offer great value to clients at lower rates.

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