The Art Of Prioritization w/Jay Papasan

If we want to see the best results in all areas of our lives, we have to start prioritizing our day effectively. Is there a simple way to decide what matters most – and how should we be prioritizing our time to ensure we make the most of every moment? Why is it so important to build the right habits now?

On this episode, bestselling author and Vice President of KellerINK, Jay Papasan shares his steps to prioritize successfully.

When you start your day with your foundational activity – in real estate, that would be lead generation – everything else gets better. Jay Papasan

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3 Things We Learned From Jay Papasan

  • Keep it simple. We’re all attracted to sophisticated, intricate systems, but in reality these don’t last long. Find an uncomplicated and effective way to manage time, and stay consistent.
  • Prioritize the most important activity, not the easiest one. When people start with the most important task, they often find themselves completing or combining numerous items.
  • Be consistent. Creating effective habits is the key to success – even if we’re only making one focused call a day, we’ll be more likely to see consistent long-term results than someone sporadically making 100 calls.

At the start of this episode, we discussed the importance of finding simple, realistic ways to build effective habits and see better results in all areas of life. We then spoke about how to build a successful team and delegate tasks without sacrificing the best outcomes.

We also discussed:

  • Why CEOs need to leverage more tasks
  • The importance of investing our time in our teams
  • Why we need to allow our teams the opportunity to make mistakes

Guest Bio- 

Jay Papasan is a bestselling author, an executive at Keller Williams Realty Inc., and a co-owner of KellerINK, Keller Capital, and Papasan Properties Group.

His most recent work with Gary Keller, The One Thing, has sold more than 1.5 million copies, been translated into 35 languages and appeared on more than 500 national bestseller lists including #1 on the The Wall Street Journal’s hardcover business list.

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Books mentioned on this episode:
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