If You Do Nothing Else in Your Follow Up, Do This

As with any form of sales, follow up is absolutely the most critical element. While it’s important to have variety in our follow up methods – there’s one that stands above the rest, and is also the most effective at connecting with people.

We must use the phone in our follow up, especially texting.

Texting is the most effective, efficient, and scalable follow up method; and it’s most likely to elicit a response from people. This is a part of the follow-up system that we simply can’t skip.

What makes texting such a powerful follow up tool? How can we build it into our marketing and outreach operations? In this episode, I share the one thing you should be doing in your follow up process.

The whole purpose of follow up is being there when they are ready. Until they know, like and trust you, they may not do business with you.

Robert Syfert 

Watch the Full Episode Here:

Three Things We Learned 

  • Most deals are not done on the first contact. There should be multiple touch points included in our follow up sequence, including email, traditional mail, voicemail drops and text messages.
  • Texting is a simple way to gauge where someone is and if they’re ready to sell. By contacting them regularly, they get to know, like and trust us. 
  • If we’re going to use text messages in our follow up, there has to be a consistent pattern of contact. Block out time in your schedule to make sure you’re always doing phone calls or voicemail drops. We can also hire someone to text for us.


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