The Keys to Success and Closing More Leads Right Now w/ Greg Helbeck

In this industry, we talk about marketing and generating leads, but if we can’t consistently convert those leads into profitable deals, we can become frustrated. 

Leads need to become opportunities, and that only happens when we perfect our marketing. If we don’t know how to work leads, we will always lose money, but if we develop a system that helps us nurture leads effectively, success is guaranteed. 

How do we reverse engineer our sales and marketing so we can reach our goals? What is the difference between leads and opportunities? How do we identify the opportunities in a pool of leads?

In this episode, entrepreneur, investor and owner of Velocity House Buyers, Greg Helbeck shares the secrets and tactics for closing more deals, and how to start seeing massive results.

At the end of the day, you’re a problem solver and you have to send out a lot of marketing to find the opportunities to solve the problems.

Greg Helbeck

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Three Things We Learned 

  • Why the bottom line is the number that matters There’s a lot of chest pounding about volume in this business, but if we want to move the needle, our focus needs to be the bottom line. When our priority is the long-term vision, we see beyond the number of transactions and become more concerned with profit. Think about the type of lifestyle you want to have, how much that will cost and what you need to do business-wise to fulfill it.
  • The role marketing plays in our success The reason investors struggle to generate enough leads to scale their business is not putting enough money, time and resources towards marketing. If we aren’t pushing out enough marketing, it’s hard to build a real system. It’s also hard to get the feedback that helps us improve and double down on what’s working.
  • How to be an effective salesperson
    Our primary purpose as real estate investors is helping people solve a problem by selling a property. When we nurture and get into conversation with leads, we’re able to peel back the layers, and discover their pain point. Being an effective salesperson is about asking open ended questions and tailoring our approach to provide the solution.

Guest Bio 

Greg Helbeck is an entrepreneur, investor and owner of Velocity House Buyers and host of the podcast, Pave the Way. His company Velocity House Buyers purchases real estate investments in the greater Hudson Valley region of New York and Dallas, Texas.

To connect with Greg follow @grego_37 on Instagram and listen to the podcast here or on your preferred podcast platform.

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