How to Increase ROI in a Wholesale Based Business w/David Dodge

Real estate investing operations lean heavily on sales and marketing, and like anything that involves marketing, it’s all about maximizing ROI. How does getting a coach help our businesses perform at a higher level? How do we make sure we’re investing our time wisely? What does it take to run an operation that will bring us long-term wealth?

On this episode, investor, coach and author of The Ultimate Guide to Wholesaling Real Estate, David Dodge shares on how we can get more out of our businesses with leverage and a solid funnel.

You make money when you buy, you get paid when you sell so you have to buy at a  discount. David Dodge

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3 Things We Learned From David Dodge

  • 90% of our business is sales and marketing. In practice, our business is marketing and our product is real estate.
  • There’s cash now, cash flow and cash later. Cash now is a job, cash flow is rentals and leverage using real estate, and cash later is appreciation of the assets.
  • Don’t make building your buyer’s list your main goal, focus on marketing for motivated sellers.

At the start of the show, David Dodge shared on how getting a coach helped his business, and the value of finding the right person and replicating what they do. Next, we talked about how important marketing and sales is in our business and traffic and how to calculate the value of our time. David also shared his approach to wholesaling, and why our focus should be long-term mailbox money.

We also discussed:

  • How to overcome analysis paralysis
  • The importance of focusing on traffic and conversion
  • How to build leverage into the business

Guest Bio- 

David Dodge is a real estate investor, coach, author of The Ultimate Guide to Wholesaling Real Estate, and host of the Discount Property Investor podcast. 

Buy the book The Ultimate Guide to Wholesaling Real Estate here.  

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