How Today’s Most Successful Real Estate Agents Separate Themselves From The Pack

If you’re a real estate agent, you know how competitive it is these days. The market is saturated with agents and traditional marketing methods for new listings are no longer working as well as they used to.

Sure, sending out pretty fliers, networking, and asking for referrals might still work, but they’re far less effective now that not only many agents doing the exact same thing, but sellers are leveraging free online resources and even trying to save money by selling by owner.

It’s no wonder that 87% of all new agents fail after five years in the industry and only 13% make it, according to a report by the NAR (National Association Of Realtors).

But some smart agents have been seeing success by creating an alternative source of listings and a new potential profit center by leveraging some of the tactics of the nation’s best real estate investors, house flippers and wholesalers.

Erik Hatch is a REALTOR in Fargo, ND and in the past 5 months he’s been averaging 20 seller appointments per month and receiving a 25:1 return on his marketing investment to get them.

In addition, about 25% of his listing appointments are agreeing to Erik’s offer to buy their house on the spot at a deep discount, allowing him to actually purchase about 12 houses in the past 3 months alone, giving him a much greater profit than simple listing commissions.

Erik’s secret is that he prospects off-market leads through direct mail and other sources. Sure it’s largely the same thing some other investors do, but because he’s a well respected agent, he has the ability to either buy their house or list it for them thereby offering the homeowner more solutions.  At the same time, this allows Erik more chances to profit and recoup his marketing expenses.

As Erik puts it, seller appointments are the “holy grail” in this business.  They’re the hardest thing to find and one of the most difficult things to spend money on, yet they produce the most lucrative appoints.

And he’s found an fast, easy and affordable way to generate about 20 of these lucrative appointments every month without lifting a finger.

His secret weapon is leveraging the resources of Gary Boomershine’s company, REIvault, a division of

REIvault serves a select group of investors and agents nationwide by generating appointments with qualified, motivated sellers using unique and effective direct mail marketing.

Erik also uses “Snap Offers” with his appointments that literally convert 25% of people he talks to, upfront on the first call. How do snap offers work?  Well you’ll have to watch the interview to find out 🙂

In this exclusive interview, Erik interviews the founder of REIVault, Gary Boomershine to explain in detail exactly how agents can leverage the 40 person sales and marketing team they’ve built to generate qualified appointments with motivated sellers and who they’re best fit to work with.

If you’re an agent, investor or a bit of both, watch this video to understand how you can tap into the power of a done-for-you appointment generating machine and not only increase your listings but beat many investors at their own game.

To learn more about REIvault and see if you qualify, click here.