How to Succeed By Letting Luck Find You w/Justin Colby

To be successful, it’s important that we pay attention to our inner game and ensure we’re putting ourselves in the right places, at the right times. Is it smart to court luck? If so, how can we use luck to help us succeed? How do we regroup when we find that a strategy isn’t working?

On this episode, co-founder and president of The Science of Flipping, Justin Colby shares his keys to success.

To be successful, you need to put yourself in a place for luck to find you. If you’re not marketing and putting in the work, luck is not going to find its way to you. -Justin Colby

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3 Things We Learned From Justin Colby

Put yourself in a place for luck to find you

A good portion of success comes from being in the right place at the right time. To increase our chances of a lucky outcome, we have to be in the right position to receive that luck. Focus on marketing, contact leads and make sure we’re visible in our market. Luck doesn’t just happen, we won’t cultivate it without putting in the work.

Learn from your mistakes

No one wants to fail, but the most successful people know that it’s an important part of growth. The goal is to turn our failures into a positive experience, and learn from our mistakes. We can’t lose if we never give up.

Make sacrifices

Most people aren’t willing to give up things like free time. Yet if we truly want to succeed, we need to sacrifice some things so we can reach our goals. Think about how much we want to achieve our dreams, and commit to making them a reality.

Success isn’t an easy road, and it takes a lot of dedication to stay on the path. Perseverance is key. It’s important to keep our goals in mind and take the necessary steps to put ourselves in a position for luck to find us easily. Hope is not a strategy, so we have to make sure we’re doing the work.

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