How to Structure and Finance Deals More Creatively w/Chris Prefontaine

Success in real estate investing all comes down to creative financing and the way we structure our deals. What tools do we need to see great results in our businesses? Where can we learn how to structure our deals more effectively?

On this episode, bestselling author and industry veteran, Chris Prefontaine shares how we can make our mark in real estate investing.

For success in real estate investing, be creative: you need to understand how to craft multiple deals to a seller. –Gary Boomershine

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3 Things We Learned From Chris Prefontaine

Structuring deals creatively can help us achieve a higher conversion rate

The tools we use in investing can be compared to actual tools on a construction site: a contractor simply can’t make any progress with only a hammer. We need a range of tools if we want to see results.

Find the right coach who knows about structuring deals

To learn how to structure deals, we need to find a coach. Look for someone in the niche who you find relatable. It’s also vital that the person teaching us is still actively making deals and involved in real estate. Relying on those who exited the industry even 5 years ago will get us into trouble, as techniques change frequently.

Know your numbers

Knowing our numbers is crucial, regardless of the industry we’re in. By constantly recording our progress and results, we’re able to find some predictability and plan more effectively for the future.

There are so many ways to buy the properties we want to invest in, so it only makes sense that we structure deals in a creative, hybridized way that ensure everyone involved gets what they want. However, to know how to structure these kinds of deals, we do need to be taught how to do it. Wholesaling, fixing and flipping are all businesses – let’s run them like the businesses they are, and equip ourselves as best we can.

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