How to Make the Most of Phone Calls with Prospective Clients w/Larry Goins

In the real estate investment game, phone calls are an important part of the job. How can we make the most of calls with clients, and how can we stay calm in the face of angry callers? How can we train our teams to be more effective over the phone?

On this episode, industry veteran, author and fellow podcaster, Larry Goins shares his advice on making the most of the time we spend on calls.

Angry callers usually have deeper issues than receiving your mail- find out what the issues are and solve them. -Gary Boomershine

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3 Things We Learned From Larry Goins

Solving problems is the key to effective communication

At some point, we’re guaranteed to deal with an angry person over the phone. When this happens, take the opportunity to solve the caller’s problem. Seldom will an angry call be purely based on our direct mail reaching their front door, so be sure to ask questions that reveal what the real issues are. Once we know the root of the problem, we can start finding solutions and maybe even get their business after all. 

Find ways to stay entertained while making calls

If we’re making calls regularly, we’re bound to get bored at some point. To stay focused, we need to find things that keep us amused as we work. Grab a fidget spinner, or even keep a guitar on your lap. The important thing is, we find ways to enjoy the time and prevent ourselves from stopping the activity.

Record your interactions so you can better prepare

When training our teams, we need to help them write scripts and prepare themselves. However, we should also be taking it a step further by sharing recorded conversations we’ve had with clients over the phone. This helps them prepare responses to commonly asked questions.

Phone calls are a key component of real estate investing, so it’s vital we make the most of them. It all comes down to listening to what the client really needs. Never be discouraged by an angry caller- even the angriest person can become a loyal client if we pay attention to them and help solve their problems. Stay focused and take stock of what works- calls are essential, so always be prepared. 

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