How to Cast a Strong Business Vision & Overlay the Right Core Values On Our Business Model w/Steve Richards

You build systems and processes, and you elevate them, not the people— especially if the people are really good. -Steve Richards

Many real estate entrepreneurs are slaves to the business because they don’t have leverage or strong core values and systems. What’s the difference between someone who turns this work into a business, and someone who just stays stuck in the grind and hustle? How do we build a culture where our people are loyal, accountable and hardworking? When it comes to hiring, how do we make sure we’re actually doing it right?

On this episode, Steve Richards and I have a conversation about turning a real estate job into a business.

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3 Things We Learned From Steve Richards

The power of tracking

You need to constantly be tracking your numbers and metrics in the business. If you build your systems and track them very well, it will be easy to see what is and isn’t working. You’ll easily figure out where the problems lie, whether it’s the list, the mail or the person doing the calls.

How to build a standard we can hold our people accountable to meet

Start documenting what you’re doing before you hire someone. It gets you very clear on what needs to be done. Once you have to have that standard built, you have something to compare your people against when you start hiring.

How to use leverage to improve our results

Even if we think we can do a task better than someone we hire, the truth is they will have the advantage of consistency over us. They are showing up every single day doing it consistently, while we’re handling so many things that we can’t always do that specific task to the same level.

It’s easy to think that our culture and core values don’t really affect the bottom line, but without them we have no direction and nothing to which to hold ourselves accountable. If we get our core values right, it allows us to hire and manage our team correctly.

When our people exhibit our core values, their behavior helps create the results in our business that fuels the life we want to live.

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