How to Build a Team From the Ground Up w/Ali Mirza

There are some characteristics and skills that people need to master to make it in the real estate industry. What qualities should you be looking for in recruits? Which is more important: experience or motivation?

On this episode, President of Rose Garden Consulting and sales expert, Ali Mirza, shares how to build the best team for your business.

You have to build your own team from the ground up. -Ali Mirza

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3 Things We Learned From Ali Mirza

Find coachable people

Regardless of the skillset a recruit may have, their willingness to learn is extremely important. Even if someone has no experience in the field whatsoever, their commitment to keep growing makes them more valuable to your business than someone with extensive skills and no motivation to move forward.

Prioritize empathy

If you can’t read a room, you can’t become successful. Hire people who have high emotional intelligence. EQ is crucial in motivating others, so this is a step that should not be disregarded.

Value competitive drive

Motivation is a non-negotiable component of success. Make sure your team has the willpower to keep getting better. Lack of competitive drive is the number one reason someone should not be in sales.

To create a great team, you need to build it from the bottom up. Don’t go into the recruitment process with the intention to hire only the best candidates who have been superstars in their field effortlessly. Instead, look for the people who want to keep growing and become the best they can be.

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