How to Build a High-Performing Team w/Julia Jordan

When you’re running a business and it feels like it’s just chaotic and overwhelming, it’s time to take a long hard look at the culture and change it. What are some of the characteristics that define a high-performing, well-run team? What are the changes you need to implement in your team, and the things everyone needs to be clear on?

On this episode, I talk with my excellent operations specialist, Julia Jordan, about how to build a great culture, team, and accountability to scale up a business.

In a high-performing team, everyone lives and breathes by a set of core values and driving principles. -Gary Boomershine

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3 Things We Learned From Julia Jordan

True values should never have to be forced

You should never have to push the vision, mission, direction and measurables of a team on them. It should be the natural outcome of you doing what you’re supposed to, and implementing the right things.

Why growth is important

In a high-performing business, everyone should know that there is upside growth and opportunity in the organization, they should never feel like there’s a glass ceiling. You should always show your willingness to create opportunities for them to grow.

How to run a team that performs well

A high-performing team isn’t run in an urgent sort of “house-on-fire” manner. People focus on important tasks— not urgent ones. There’s a plan and people work to it.

Changing the culture of your team takes time and commitment, and even if it doesn’t happen overnight, you will have real progress in 12 months if you start now. Your aim should be to build a team of people who work together and have massive clarity on the business and their purpose in it. They should be focused on improvement, growth, and efficiency, and most importantly: accountability.

To build this, you must fix yourself first. Aim to improve yourself as a leader, and that means working on your business—not just in it. You have to take time away from the business to really get clarity on the values you want to instill. That’s what it takes to build a high-performing team.

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