How to Ace Your Marketing Without Breaking the Bank w/Brent Moreno & Adam Johnson

Real estate investing may involve property, but at its core it’s a people game. How can we build rapport with potential clients, and is it possible to get business even when we’re unable to assist sellers? How can we market ourselves by using testimonials and online tools?

On this episode, real estate investors at MS Home Buyers, Brent Moreno and Adam Johnson share how building relationships and simplifying our marketing can take our business to the next level.

By building relationships based on trust, we can get a lot of referrals from people we didn’t even buy houses from. –Adam Johnson

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3 Things We Learned From Brent Moreno & Adam Johnson

Focus on building relationships

Real estate investing is a people game, so don’t spend too much time worrying about houses themselves. Instead, focus on building rapport with sellers by being upfront about what we can do for them. It’s always a good idea to maintain our integrity: if we can’t solve a seller’s problems, we should refer them to someone who can. We may even get referrals from those we couldn’t help because of our honesty.

Make use of testimonials

Testimonials are extremely important in this day and age. If clients are willing to provide a testimonial of their experience with us, we should always take them up on the offer. We should be giving our clients so much value that they would be happy to let the world know about it.

Follow up

A major problem with Facebook advertising lies with real estate investors themselves. We need to do more than post an advertisement and wait for someone to approach us. To make the most of our online marketing efforts, we need to retarget those who click on our ads and follow up repeatedly.

To get ahead in the real estate investing space, we need to shift our focus from houses themselves, to the sellers. Rather than focusing on homes, we need to identify seller’s problems and be upfront when we’re unable to solve them. By offering integrity, we can create great relationships and referral opportunities. Once we receive testimonials from happy clients, we can share them as part of our marketing. Then, it’s up to us to follow up with those who show interest in the testimonials we share.

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