Help for Real Estate Investors who Want to Build Their Businesses

If you are looking to turn your real estate venture into a full-time job, then it is natural to wonder about the best way is to go about it and how it will affect your life. The good news is there are resources available to help you out and answer all of your questions. One of the best resources you can use is REIvalult. REIvault is a group designed to help serious real estate investors by giving them valuable support for marketing, direct mailing and research. To you see if REIvault is right for you, watch this video featuring me, Gary Boomershine, the founder of REIvault as I do what we call a “huddle call” with some members.

In addition to discussing how I turned my passion for real estate into a successful company that clears millions in sales each year, I’m sharing a lot of good advice for those who are thinking about getting started in the business. By watching this video, not only will you get a good idea of what REIvault is all about, but you will also have a better idea if REIvault sounds like the right fit for you and your business. Here are some highlights from the video:

(8:39) – We talk about the type of company REIvault is, how REIvault can help investors, and what sort of services a company like this can provide.

(15:45) – My commentary about how important numbers are to this business. I highlight two important numbers and how they can have an impact on your business and your overall success. Along with these numbers, I also talk about the importance of metrics, quantifying everything and crunching the numbers.

We explain that people in the business can use metrics to figure out exactly what they need to do, how many calls need to be made, how much money should be spent on marketing, how many appointments you need to make and other important statistics that are integral for reaching the goals you have set for you and your growing business. We also offer a metric calculator that can crunch the numbers for you.

(34:10) – Some of the “life-changing nuggets” that have guided my life as I’ve grown my business. Among these nuggets are the use of accountability sheets and hiring a sales force that is clear and open about its expectations.

(45:30) – Introducing the idea of six core values, and how having values has influenced our own company. Whatever your values are, hiring team members who know these values and are on board with them is a great way to create unity and clarity among everyone in your organization.

(1:03:00) – Live Q&A. The first question that was discussed was one regarding fears. We talk about the concept of fear and how it can hold you back from taking the plunge and being who you are mean to be.

(1:09:00) -Advice I would give to my young self. An extremely honest and candid answer. Don’t reinvent the wheel; associate with good people; have a CEO coach, and a life coach in general; not to scrimp when it matters and to use other people’s resources when they are available.

(1:21:00) – The importance of having a relationship coach, having margins in your life and be deliberate with your time.

In this video,we go beyond presenting basic information about what it takes to be a good real estate investor. We emphasize the idea that running any successful business becomes meaningless if you have to give up everything else in your life to achieve it. By having REIvault resources at your disposal, you can free up your time by following our advice and using resources that were created by other people.

If this information intrigues you, then you owe it to yourself to watch this video. Then, visit the REIvault website to see if you qualify to join. You’ll be glad you did!