Generating Listing Leads With Snap Offers & Selling 664 Units in a Year w/Erik Hatch

The golden goose in real estate is listing leads, and having a defined system for generating leads. How did Erik Hatch solve this pain point with Snap Offers? Why is it so powerful to offer sellers more than one option when it comes to price? Why are people the basis of every successful business? On this episode, I’m joined by broker, coach and investor, Erik Hatch to talk about how he’s using instant offers to drive lead generation.

It’s not the fastest agent to the client that wins the race. It’s the one that’s most close and compassionate. -Erik Hatch  

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3 Things We Learned From Erik Hatch

The importance of people

A lot of times people think that systems and strategies are the foundation of a business,  but the foundation of any business are the people that comprise it. If you have the right people, the rest inherently easier.  

The biggest differentiator of Snap Offers

Most instant offer platforms don’t offer the seller two prices. Snap Offers gives the customer the option of an investor price which allows them to opt out of dealing with open houses, viewings etc.  

How to stay ahead of the game in this real estate market

One of the ways to stay relevant is to be hyper local. You can have massive amounts of reach by concentrating on one zip code.  By having a very specific target you can gain mindshare with residents of that area.

Instant offers are an incredibly unique, smart and lucrative way to generate valuable leads to your real estate retail and investing business. This is especially true if you go hyper local and dominate a zip code. In order to really get results, we have to have the solid foundation of good people on our teams. They build the systems on which all our successes are built.

About Eric Hatch

Erik Hatch is a REALTOR, broker, coach and investor. He is the founder of Hatch Realty and Hatch Coaching. Visit for more information.

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